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celeb fur pics


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hey I was wondering if anbody knew any good sites where i can find good pics of celebs in fur. I know about the Pic post, but is there any other place?

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Lots of links throughout all the posts from our members.


They occur in all the Forums. Several or more a day.




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I have posted over 40 in the last few weeks with several furs of each.....ther are 33 supermodels, and about 10 actresses. There are lots more in the smoking lounge.



I woner if we could have something set uop along the lines of the female celebrity smoking list.


The weakness of memebers posts is that they slide away.

the wealness of pic post is that the people posting often dont say who the celebs are.


If we had a growing list, say arranged on an alphabet format, where people could add in their posts, we have update alerts etc.




It would look something like this:


A . IRL Movie tv mag photo position


Christine Aguilera Yes yes yes yes pro

Devon Aoki Yes yes yes yes pro

Victoria Adams (posh spice) Yes yes yes yes yes lapsed

Princess margaret Yes yes yes yes yes dec.

Carol Alt Yes yes yes yes yes very pro

Joey Lauren Adams Yes no no yes yes ?

Ginger Lynn Allen Yes yes yes yes yes ?

Anouk Aimee Yes yes yes yes yes anti

Pamela Anderson No yes yes(f) Yes(f) yes(f) EOTS

Loni Anderson Yes yes yes yes yes ?

Mary astor yes yes yes yes yes dec

Laura Antonelli yes yes yes yes yes ?

Ann margret yes yes yes yes yes ?




And so on. Then you click on say Ann Margret under movie, and post or see the link to mobies he has worn fur, and pics....for example Lynx in carnal knowledge and you press the links for pics.


I magine how daft people like Paris hilton are going to look with thousands of potentail fur pics to be posted and she is anti


Then you could go to maty astor, and it may say under movie or photo, more in golden oldies thread, or devon Aoki and see more in smoking lounge.


Or press phoyo under Pricess margaret and it directs you to Getty images.



Waht do you think?


Would be a fab archive and an Absolute killer morale wise to any antis?


Quotes about fur aswell as pics could be posted under the tabs.

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Despite my own anti-smoking possition I fully support your proposal.


A separate Celeb Posts would be nice as well .. including furpunk2's Golden Oldies. A valuable contribution.




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