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I'm a moderator. Here is my story.


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Sometime in 2014-2015, I was assigned as a moderator for our chat room because I spent a lot of time in there hanging out.  The webmaster, John, thought I dispatched troublemakers with authority, so he asked me to be a moderator.  I accepted.   What I didn't know, was that John was terminally ill with cancer.  I still have the PM in my inbox where he last spoke of his cancer had become so aggressive that the doctors were giving him a week or two at best.  I replied with my compassion and sympathies......John never replied.  He simply passed away. 


I was stuck in a constant flux of receiving spam/harassment reports, and I would handle those as best I could.  At some point there in 2016, Neo was appointed moderator because he had a lot of technical, HTML skills among many other talents.  He asked me to hang around, so I did.  Neo put in a lot of hard work into redesigning the website, almost as it stands today, albeit some tweaks here and there.  During this time, FFG had crashed and there was an influx of demanding types.  People who didn't necessarily like having rules or moderators hanging around.  Neo confessed to me about receiving an onslaught of negative hate mails and messages 24/7; complaints just left and right.  For his own personal reasons, he relinquished the site and it was taken over by Neoncossak.


I have never met Neoncossak in any capacity.   I do not know who he or she is, where they are from; simply nothing.  I have sent countless messages the past couple years, just over and over and over and over again, trying to get them to reply to any of them in the slightest.   Neoncossak has never ever once replied to a single message.....ever.   Aside from the site staying online, I have no idea how it runs.  I don't know anything financial or techical about it.  It merely just exists.   Not by any choice, by proxy of all the turnover I'm still listed as a moderator with moderator powers.   I've been coming to this site since 2006 (and NTCWEB since 1996), but it is incredibly hard to moderate at times or appear on here.  As it sits, I have a moderator inbox of twenty plus reports on nonsense.  People griping about pictures posted with not enough fur, or topics that they don't like, or someone was mean in a thread. 

I became a moderator as a favor to a dying man, and have simply existed here ever since.  If I could relinquish my moderator badge, I would.  But then again, there's nobody above me, puppet master to this whole show.....who will answer or bother with me.   


I will try to be on here more in the meantime and if someone is harassing you in your private message inbox, let me know and I will handle it. 



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On 8/28/2021 at 2:34 AM, ozfurlova said:

Great to see you still going on here - and taking up the thankless task of wrangling the cats in here 😁

Nice to see you again Oz, hope you're well mate.

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On 8/28/2021 at 4:03 AM, Loveforfur said:

Interesting to hear! Is there no one else? And you cannot make any other moderators? 

Anyhow, good job! 

There is nobody else except myself and Neoncossack.   I have no ability from my end as a lower powered moderator to assign badges to my knowledge. 

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