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For you hip hop fans and Beyonce fans

Guest touchofsable

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EDIT: I have edited this as the site has a nasty looking hack which tries to grab your mouse if your not quick.

There is a comment forum for you to leave your reactions


I havent posted yet....I will see how it progresses.




I guess that was PETA too because the argument wasnt going their way.

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Yeah I saw that. Thing is, I was talking to this black guy and his girlftiend in 5th floor cafe at Harvey Nicks last year. Its quite fur friendly there.


There was A Brazilian lady of native descent too. We were all chatting.

They were all wearing fur. I was with a friend who was a bit anti fur. I didnt have to say a word. They made mincemeat of him.

Both the black couple and the Braz lady siad that it was a white attitude.

The Braz lady said there has been an eco catastrophe there since the demand for fur has fallen...they used to do really well out of musquash/coypu (she called it something else...but drew the animal)....particularly native people. Now the population has risen very fast and is decimating habitats.

The black guy said that we carved up Africa and after slavery encouraged them to make a living from ivory and furs. Then our "imperialism" stops them doing that and has forced Africans into mining and "bad idea dirt busting". He said that everyone is getting at the black hip hop community wearing furs. Then they're having a pop at the Inuit and the first nations he said. And white folk dont like it cos black people are wearing furs now. He was an American, and you know what you guys are like when you get the bit between your teeth. He had mt frined apologising on behalf of white people after a few drinks!!! I wish I had got his contacy details...he was in the music biz....and VERY pro fur...

kept saying that my friend wanted his girlfriend in fur underneath it...and he was jealous cos a black guy knows how to adorn a white chick.


I just stood back and watched. It was a formative moment in the development of my outlook.


But many a true word is spoken in jest. Its not a white issue...but it is a western "civilisation" issue. We are removed from nature, yet our progress is destroying the planet. We have power, and out imperialism is now a MORALITY imperialism. Look at how the anti smoking legislation sweeps the globe. The tird world and nayive people dont give a F***...they have far more pressing concerns than such western conceit; like AIDS and polar ice caps melting.


So it doesnt surprise me that the black community is pro fur, and look at PETA as racist. They are. Or at least, culturally prejudiced.


PETA phile letter sent to Inuit:


"kiss my ass and rot in hell seal killers.Hope you all die a horrible death . your lousy children too"



and try http://thunderbay.indymedia.org/news/2006/03/22797.php


I think when you see people on this hip hop site calling Beyonce an uneducATED BLACK WOMAN...THATS PRETTY RACIST.

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I've spent a lot of time on the sony/beyonce forum to try to raise another voice of fur reason. We all would do well to take part and speak up, as the antis really do only attack personally and have no new argument to take up with us. They are looking very childish.


I still have that sample letter for celebs and others we wish to invite to the den, if anyone wants to run with that, alter it to suit specific needs. I simply cannot afford to put the time into it, as I am struggling to get by these days. If anyone wishes to have the letter, I will send it to them in email. If no one is a taker, then I will make time for it eventually, but can't promise anything fast.... Rather, I am going to put out my message in art, products for sale like the tshirts, etc.

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Why not send Beyonce a t shirt for her and mum and a letter of support with it?


keep up the good work miss T.


For sure any rational argument can beat PETA.


Hey I have a good joke I heard today.


Paris Hilton.

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good idea touch. i will send her a shirt as soon as i have some designed and printed and in my hands to send out.


i'll also try to refine the introductory letter as i haven't looked at it in a while....

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