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Fur Questions


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Hi, I'm new here and I really dont know much about furs. I was just wandering the intersnet and i came across MrMockles.com and i looked at the different models in there furs and i have a few question bout some fur types.


What type of fur are these?














Thank you so much!

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The third picture is mink. The others are Fox. One may be a combination.


Take a look at our links page under our menu. There are dozens of wonderful sites that will teach you about furs. Start with SAGA and the furcommission.


And, let me be the first to say welcome!



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Welcome Viva:

It is always so great to see another new member posting here!

Linda gave you some pretty good advice there as usual. She is pretty versed in those areas. If we can help you with anything do not be afraid to ask.


We hope to hear more from you. You will find that all of us are just like you. Just ordinary folk who love furs.


White Fox

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Welcome Viva


You will find lots of friends here.


And we are decent people.


What do you make of our frind Mr mickles site? he is a member here. A mod in fact.


And the models are great supporters of fur.

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