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Help locating a manufacturer


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My family is close to purchasing a general store in a local mountain community. While on vacation in Colorado, my wife (and I) fell in love with some faux fur jackets manufactured by Northern Lifestyle of Canada. At least that's what's on the label. These were very unique and beautifully designed jackets. They made similar blankets too.


We would like to locate this company to inquire about carrying some of their items. (OK give me a chance to get real fur in the store.)


If anyone has heard of this company I would prefer any info about contacting them.




...I have to get a new avatar installed...

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Congratulations, Ron!


I have a 2006 Sourcebook 2006. It is an Outerware trade magazine,


I looked under faux, under manufactures, private label and even license names. No luck. Sorry.


You have already done a Google on them. Right?


If you can find the business that carried the item, and they are not too close to you, they might tell you. Business owners are usually very supportive of each other. It might be worth a try.


Many private labels are made for small stores. That way their items are "unique" and they can compete with the bigger stores. If you ever decide to go with real fur, please let me know. I have some wonderful contacts now.


Guess you know we closed our physical store. It is a good thing. But, also a sad thing.


If there is EVER anything I can do to help, please let me know. No question will be too small. Isn't it funny how easy everything is when you know how?



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Hey RonGav




if you are living in a mountain community...how about some practical navajo and cree fur stuff??? Mittens, moccassins etc.


Or try dene fur clouds...or you local pow wow circuit. Or if you are buying from Canada anyway...come on go for the real deal.



you cant have your huntin shootin fishin skiing guys and their wives decked out in faux!!!!

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Ron Gav...

Been thinking on this one. I seem to remember some similar things that have native looking trim on them.

There is a store in London Ontario that is fairly large department store that is fairly unusual. It is still family owned and is pretty much run the old way that it used to be 50 to 100 years ago with only the paint changed. I believe that I saw those there. If you sent them a quick letter they might just be able to help you out. And the fact that they are family owned like that might just mean that they would do that.



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Thanks guys. Actually before we left Colorado, I did the obvious and went back to the store and mentioned my needs. The manager was most supportive and looked up the name and phone number of the supplier. That was nice of him.


As for the other items, Sable, you bet. The store in which I saw the jackets was such a store, carrying all sorts of rustic fur and leather items. I can see our store eventually carrying a section of such items, providing they are useful to our residents and tourists, as shelf space is precious.


And Linda, thanks for the encouraging words. You bet I plan to call on you in the future for some ideas and sources. You're the best !

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