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Anybody know anything about Le Portail Club Fourrure? It's located at http://fourrureclub.com/. I was surfing and came upon it. The front page looks promising, but I need to get a translator before I go inside. Anybody been there? What's it like? Worth looking into? Who runs the site?



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Not a bad site.

Occasionally see some new pics there that have not yet been seen "on the circuit"

Obviously a working knowledge of French helps.

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Been a member for a while, but only an occassional visitor of late. Very friendly group & have a fare few unknown pics on the site, also been revamped of late (there's a lot of it about..... ) & they have a page dedicated to reviewing films with fur in it & warning you off those that have fur on the DVD cover but none inside!!!!! - Quality idea I think


Just about manage to get by with my schoolboy French & a translator & have manged to get some heads up on French films from their mods, all in all a classy site.

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I think that might be the site that was mentioned on the old Den a couple of months back or so. If it is, it was originally free but suddenly you pay to get in. Not alot as I recall, but I could not even figure out the instructions as they were all in French.

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MJ it is. I took it for five years! Problem is that I was 14 years old or close when I started to take it. It just was not my thing. I always barely scraped through on exams but wish I knew more of it. Some things I can indeed read fairly well. But others I am totally lost. Many times I indeed wish I had taken more time.

I would love to go to the winter carnaval for instance and fit right in with the language. That is indeed a fur event!


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I think it's run by teuteu_flash. He is a great guy and I am in email contact with him. A little history: Long ago, I started a Yahoo Group in French. teuteu was one of the first members and when I no longer had the time to deal with that Group, I handed management over to him. He has done a great job with Fourrureclub, the continuation of that initial Yahoo Group. If you join, Fourrureclub requests a PayPal donation for access (suggested 10 Euros) for access. That's the price of a couple of beers at the pub. Money well spent. Think of him as the Francophone FrBrGr.

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  • 2 weeks later...

oh guys i'm honnestly really happy to see you speak of our little french site


Well, let's try to answer some questions...


Concerning the fact that a "donation" is necessary to be a member, Olivefur made an announcement on FFG but we were kicked out considering it was a spam to announce a "paying site"... I respect the opinion of everyone, we just put this in place so that we have only 18+ members and as much participating members as possible (AND reject PETA people)...


Raptinfur, reading what you wrote you can only be the former Furking and i'm REALLY happy to read a message from you !! I wrote you a mail for new year, but having no answer, I should have wrote in any fur forums to find your mail but here I found you again . Now you have my mail and I'm really proud that you can see the road we made since year 2000 !!


Furelli put me in contact with White fox and I have to thank you a lot for that concerning contents exchanges, Whitefox, I've got your mail and will answer very soon (today or monday). All these things are really interesting !


Now that my new design template is up, i'm working on an english translation of the website so that english speaking members cannot be lost in the pages of the site... We have nearly only Forums and Galeries that necessitate to be a member to access, I thought it was interesting for all the furfans community to keep a free access to Film reviews, links database or Stories. But it's true that our forces are some never seen before photos, a quite big Films database (Whitefox, i would like to talk with you about that, refering to an idea Furelli told me), and forums with nice frenchies, belgians etc...

I'll also build an english speaking forum


Anyway ! you can write me mails if you've questions, I really hope this answer won't be considered as spam, I'm really pleased to collaborate with international furfans community

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Fourrure Club...

Unfortunately by your donations, you are classed as a pay site here which would mean your posts should be in the "Spam" forum. However, I want to tell folks that we are hoping that the Fur Club will be the home of all French Stories on this site in the near future. So, I think it is good to allow your message thread here. Also, since this is your first we would allow it as well. (Hope that is not as confusing to you as it is to me!)


I am really looking forward to the stories having a home. Also, we will be looking for any ideas you would like to share on other areas as well.


Great to have you as a new member here.

White Fox

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  • 5 months later...

Here we are !

Fourrureclub.com is no more a paying site, and all the stories are now online :


Homepage : http://www.fourrureclub.com, on the top left of the page, you can click on the cheeseburger picture to get it in english . Scroll down, on the middle right you'll see 4 rectangles, it's the links to the stories (Reading section, no need to be a member).


Concerning the stories, I did a massive copy-and-paste to put them on my site, and I'm not an expert in english. Could you please let me know if you see big problems, while reading the stories ? Thanks a lot !


You want to see the rest of the site ? Be welcome ! It's free, BUT the membership system is a bit special : follow the instructions on the home page and that's all that simple. We just want real members and real furlovers, that's why a real photo made for the FourrureClub is mandatory... (all explained here : http://www.fourrureclub.com/images/tutoe.jpg)


And, at last, thanks to Withefox who's a real nice guy !

A bientot !



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