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And JUST before I give the links to you, jusy what do you think you Italian members are doing?


My girlf says that it typical Italian. You go out, you look at British girls, chat them up etc because you think they are slappers (often correct!) but MEANWHILE you hide your gorgeous women at home!! AND THATS WHAT YOU HAVE DONE HERE YOU RASCALS!!!!


Well its about time you brought something to the table.

I looked in at the gorgeous Italian fur posts here then did some googling on Italian sites. It led me to many many of your secrets. HAH!!! now we have them for us!!!! It strangely led me to the most incredible Japanese site.


But of all the different Italian lovelies that will follow in the next day or two, this one, is just incredible. WHERE did you hide her!!!


SAdly, the lady died in 1994 I was genuinely gutted when I found out. What a true goddess.


Some recompense for you CROATIAN folk upset at departing the world cup after a courageous fight,. Though she lived in Italy she was born in Zagreb.


The wonderful cult Goddess, SYLVA KOSCINA:








AMAZINGLY...there are lots more in that shoot, And even more amazingly...she is smoking!!! so she is now in the smoking lounge if the olde denne pubb (off topic) and you just HAVE to see the other links there...oh my. THEY GET BETTER AND BETTER AND LOADS MORE TO COME.....

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Glad you appreciate it eric!!!

Did you look at all the others in that shoot in the Smoking Lounge?


Also....There is NOW an update with the absolute erotic cult classic for furs and smoking..."Asoluto Naturale" with Laurence Harvey alongside Sylva. Go to the Smoking Lounge


Any of you film buffs know the plot? Isnt it supposed to be very risque for the time...isnt there a two men and one woman scene?

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It strangely led me to the most incredible Japanese site


Is this site a fur site Touch? Could you pass on the address? - many thanks

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no its not a fur site...just devoted to Sylva and a few other Italian actresses.


But the fur shots there are...well...different. they are all posted in the smoking lounge of ye olde denne pub

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Thanks Touch!


Sylva was definitely a hot looker. She was very classy and I loved her short shoulder-length hair style too. In furs she looked so charming and exalted her persona and presence with defined grace.


She will be missed. It's too bad she didn't have a multitude of fur shots to remember her by, as I myself have only seen a small number of shots with her in fur that are just too far and few in between. But such is life, and thank you for bringing her to our attention none the less!


My best, -ROBINFUR

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