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New pics of the fox


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(Cellphone pics)


New Pic 1

New Pic 2

New Pic 3



What do you guys think?


Still worth 1500USD?


Sellers says she's having it repraised on monday, because she thinks arctic fox has had a raise in value. (?)


PS ReFur, the coat was 132 CM long, there's about 2-3 cm spacing between the pelts. Size is 38/40


I said 1500 was max though as I think she'll have a very hard time selling it for more... or at all.


I'll know if my bid "wins" on monday!


Comments are welcomed!

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Go to purpleshoshana and compare what you get for $1,500 then look at this one closely I think you can make your owen mind up.


Regards C.M

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I am going to post some Fox coats from ebay for you to look at.


Go to ebay forum and look for my post. May take me a little while to finish.



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To be honest with you, I'd look elsewhere for a better quality or lower price. I like the coat, but it might do you some good to shop around a bit more.



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