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Pop over to the "Fur Den for Dummies" and look for the avatar Topic..... either the first or second sticky therein.


That should explain everything you need to know.

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If you cannot do it due to lack of equipment or any other reason, let us know as AK or I could do it for you. However, it is indeed easy to do yourself and if you do it the first time you will be able to change it easily then when ever you want.


The first time you do it, it takes a few minutes. Then after that it is very quick. Main thing is to not forget to use a JPG file image.


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It just blows my mind!


Touch Of Sable. I love your avatar. Do you have a pic I could use. I have a silver fox just like that!

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You do? wow fabulous!!!


unfortunately not. My computer tower is bust so the disc drawer doesnt work, and I had the clear out all my photos stored as I had to make memory room.


It was the last one of pics I have taken stored on computer (I have them on disc for future...but I cant let you have a whole disc as there a a few models on it who I must speak to before release)


However....Mr Mockle, or one of the other pro photographers I am sure would let you use one of their nice silver fox shots.


Or why not use one of yourself in fur? You can always effect a disguise such as a hat and sunglassses if you didnt want to be recognise...and even a mobile phone photo can make a nice pic for avatar size.


CAN someone help fran in easy steps on how to resize etc for avatar?


Best regards TOS

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Thanx for the honourable mention, Fran - much appreciated!!


Finally, my true talent is realized - resizing pix!!



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