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I just wanna' be your Teddy Bear

Worker 11811

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I love Teddy Bears but it is very hard to find good pictures of girls with Teddy Bears.


It is even harder to find pictures of girls with Bears who are over the age of 18. I have only ever found a half dozen really good ones. There are lots of seedy quasi-legal pictures.


Teddy Bears love to be hugged by humans, even if the human's don't have clothes on. But they don't like to be forced to have sex with humans! (That's just gross! )


If/when you find nice pictures of girls with Bears, please post them here.

Real fur Bears prefered. All Bears will be appreciated, however.


I'll start:



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Theres got to be one of Beyonce with her mink one somewhere.


The one of Kyla Cole in the smoking lounge is nice....in fur too.

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Bumping up an old topic instead of starting a new one:


Found a nice picture of La Cicciolina wearing a mink, holding a Teddy Bear in our Gallery! (Plus a few other stuffed critters.)


Thanks to Ramon for posting it!

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