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Happy new year 2021


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Thank You Marcel and I agree with your wish for all!

There is an old wives tail; that goes somewhat like this: Whatever you do one the 1st day of the new year will be the dominate factor and a good indication of what you will be doing for the year to come.

This year I am planning to be wide awake at 12:00 AM (my time) wearing my full length coyote fur coat with the fur turned inward, my sheered beaver fur boxer's and my sheepskin slippers. (A pretty sight? perhaps not!) But at midnight I will walk outside, extend my right arm upward with my middle finger raised high; giving a final salute to 2020 and making sure that 2021 has really arrived. Hoping this year will be a vast improvement over the year 2020.

Then I will start the new year with a hearty meal and eventually go to bed. But, before falling asleep I will introduce a brand new soft, virgin fox pelt to its forthcoming year. By giving it the privilege and pleasure of gratifying my furry desires.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL but most of all happy furring to all!!!!       

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