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Lord Stanley's Cup

Worker 11811

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Lord Arthur Frederick Stanley of Preston, England, son of the 14th Earl of Derby and appointed Governor-General of the Dominion of Canada in 1888...


...AND Creator of the Stanley Cup...


Which was just won by the Carolina Panthers over the Edmonton Oilers 3-1 in the sixth game of the Stanley Cup Championship Series, last night.


I figured since Y'Uunz are all going crazy over the World Cup over there, in another thread, that you might also want to know about some sports that people play in other parts of the world.




Not "Ice Hockey"... just plain "Hockey". By default, hockey is played on ice. Any other type of hockey... "street hockey"... "roller hockey"... etc. has a prefix but not hockey when it's played on ice. "Ice" is assumed.


For those of you that don't know about hockey, let me describe it:


It's just like socc... I mean... football except it's played on a smaller pitch. There is no out of bounds. The surface is covered with ice and, best of all, EVERYBODY HAS A BIG STICK!


Overall, that makes it a much more interesting game!


Anyway, I thought, maybe some fans of OTHER sports ought to have a thread of their own.


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Hmm and here's me thinkin' that the Panthers won the series 4-3.


Oh and the reason that most Commonwealth nations call it Ice Hockey is that there is a game that is played on a turf pitch, about the same size as a footy field, with a ball, Oh... and also is in the Summer Olympics *grin*... called Hockey. It would not surprise me to know that the game Ice Hockey is based on the game Hockey... given that the sticks are basically the same.


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The Stanley Cup does not belong in any state south of the Mason-Dixon line!!!!


Yes, it's hard to believe that anybody in a Southern state can or should play hockey. After all, it is ostensibly a winter sport. A winter sport that requires large amounts of ICE.


How can an "Ice Sport" be played in Raliegh, NC?


The explanation is simple. If there is one thing that any good Southerner born since the turn of the last century should know about it's AIR CONDITIONING!


In fact, Southerners are such experts in the field or refrigeration that they can create a 150 foot long, 50 foot wide patch of ice and keep it frozen even in the middle of summer when the outdoor temperatures are above 90

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Yes, I rather enjoy watching international hockey matches.


The rink is larger. (Meters instead of feet.) The goal crease is different sized. And the play tends to be MUCH cleaner.


There's the old saying, "I was watching a fight when a HOCKEY GAME broke out!"


They tolerate none of that in international play. You can still slam a guy's butt into the boards but you can't hit him on purpose. Overall it makes for a much better game.

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It's the Carolina HURRICANES, not Panthers. I've been an Oilers fan since 1985 or so, so imagine my dismay at this series.

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Carolina HURRICANES, not Panthers


That's what I get for staying up too late!


Luckily, this is my last night in the projection booth for a while...

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Yes... it's the Carolina Hurricane. Don't ever confuse them with the FLORIDA Panthers!!!!





...not that I would ever root for them, after all, I'm a Jersey boy at heart!!!










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just as a note; the Carolina Panthers are an entirely separate team in a whole different sport, and are based in Charlotte instead of Raleigh. Of course, there was a small bit of news coverage about the Stanley Cup win since this is the first ever professional sport title won by a Carolina team.

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I have to say that you are most welcome here ew19975.


And I think folks there is one thing we can pride ourselves about this den






So whats your fave sport?

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I generally don't follow sports that much; just depends on what's on, and what I am doing at the moment. the Stanley Cup generated a small bit of news activity here in Charlotte, and the World Cup has actually been appearing on some TV channels more than I would expect, other than being on the cable channels.


I've actually been hanging around, and doing occasional posts since the old NTC Fur forum (and followed the migration from there to the Fur Den, Melody, and so on). Posting comes and goes depending on the topic and if there is something I can contribute to it.



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