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good news for the slow time.

White Fox

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Well folks, with this being summer it is indeed always slow here. So I thought you could use some good news.


This fall there is a whole new area coming here for all of you to play around in. Indeed, it is going to be huge once we get posts there! Now then, I am not going to tell you more as that would spoil the surprise. But this will be a whole lot of fun and is completely different from this one. And this great new area is free just like everything else you are seeing here now!


So, have fun thinking about what is coming.


By the way, very early this fall we will also be opening our sponsors area. You have no doubt seen that tab up top or to the side depending on what "Style" you use here. We hope that you will think of giving a little sponsors money to help pay for web space to keep this place running. The site will not be finished by that time but it will be much closer so we hope that by then you might find it worth your while to give maybe ten cents per day to help us out. This will never be manditory. We just hope you might volunteer to help us out a bit IF you think this is a great site that BrGr and AK have put together here. And receive two great surprises in return! Watch for that in the fall as well. As I said, this is not a pay site and never will be. But if you would like to help us out you will see a great surprise of two.


So, fall is coming. Watch for these site upgrades, plus one or two more before winter. Lots of great surprises yet to come on this fantastic site.


White Fox

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