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Not to be a downer but this might be one of the many borderline line sites, that we can't post here no longer (if I am not mistaken).

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The reason for my comment, is that I saw a similar site posted by another member not to long ago and it was deleted because of content. Yet this site looks almost similar to the one that was deleted, and it remains. I also believe there was some spam problems with the site that prompted the deletion.

Not to be negative, but I think I will no longer post messages (or post even more infrequently than I do now). I am just flustered with the CoC and it's interpretation. I know its not an easy policing job, but I'm to the point, I am afraid I may post a link that could hurt the site (which is not what I want).

Unfortunately I have not committed very much to this site either, which I would like to do, but as I said above CoC confusion.

Look, please don't flood me with PM's asking why I am doing this. I seem to offend and confuse more & more here lately, & thats not my intention.

Well that's all from me for now, see you in the future.

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Thanks Earendil


And to clarify, it was me who posted a link to that same site on another video. Yes, it was deleted and then allowed back in to the forum by one of the mods. Yes, it can be hard posting, not knowing what is and is not allowed. My advice is keep posting and if not allowed, the mods will decide that.



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There's a learning curve, I suppose, with everyone. I think more and more of the members and the mods are getting a good feel for what is allowed and what isn't. Believe me, it's very difficult to interpret what your host allows and doesn't allow, and the problem is, if you allow something that upsets the host, well, you know what happened at Melody. Now, hopefully we have a better host than myqth.com, and we won't have any problems, but we had to establish some guidelines that everyone could follow. The problem is that we're relatively young, at least here in our new location, and everyone has been dealing with the Code of Conduct for only a very short period of time - the mods as well as the members. As time passes, I think everyone will become more in tune with what we're shooting for, and the "C of C" won't be that much of an issue in the future. In the meantime, furmbeliever, please do your best. Like you suggested, use your best judgement and go ahead and post. If the post looks like it could get us in trouble, the "Mod Squad" will delete and explain, and there won't be any hard feelings. We can tell when someone makes a legitimate error in judgement. We all do that!


BTW - and this is for everyone - Did you know that the moderators and the admins have a special forum where we discuss these kinds of issues? More often than not, something is not removed until it's been looked at and discussed amongst us all. I remember seeing a comment by a new moderator. He said something like, "My God! I didn't realize what all went on behind the scenes around here!" You see? We really do take The Fur Den very seriously . . . !


It would all be for nothing, though, if we didn't have a membership like the one we have. Denizens are awesome!!


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