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excellent fur page


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hello fur friends

this site has very much information about furs


Kopenhagen fur holds the worlds largest fur auction,

i v attended once, amzing to see over a million furs sold in a day

they offer also grading courses a wonderful chance to learn about furs and really feel them.

ive graded once, so lovely to have hunderts of minks in front and to work with them


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Fascinating article on Swakara. Great site.


Thank you. I have never seen that one before.



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A new one for me, too!


I am, of course, aware of swakara, but I never knew the origin. I also have never thought very much of it as a fur for any reason, although in the "Fashion Weeks" section, in London, there's a trimmed beige karakul with luscious two-tone fox by Julien MacDonald that is very attractive (about 3/4 of the way down the page). Then, right below that, is something that is more to my liking - Also by Julien MacDonald, a coat of sheared mink with fox border, collar and cuffs. Mmmmmmmmmm . . . 8)

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