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Need help


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I'm considering buying this fur:


It's a private sale from Norway, which means no taxes and no freight


Image 1

Image 2


The price the seller wants (from NOK to USD) is approx $1593


It's 4 years old, and has been cold-storaged every year as well as cleaned.


What do you guys think about the price? And if you think the price is too high, what do you think it's worth?


Any input here would be highly appreciated.


Keep in mind that if I purchase from overseas, customs will get involved and charge me with taxes etc. Shipping-cost will also be a little sum from USA. Keep this in mind when commenting on the price!


Thanks in advance, guys!

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Wow Earendil - buy it! - it looks amazing


Will you be able to get the chance to inspect it. If in good condition, then go for it.


I would say it's border line high - dont know what the market is like in Norway- but as you say, taking into account shipment and customs if buying from abroad, then probably this is a good purchase.


If it's what you want then worth it. I always like to bargain so suggest offering 8675 NOK as a starter (this is probably why I dont get to win much!!) and take it from there.


The true value is what it means to you, not the cash value

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Ask about yellowing, or discoloration. It will happen with all white furs as they age. Usually shows on shoulders and sleeve top edges first from normal light exposure. Or, along the neckline from exposure to chemicals and oils.


I am always concerned when they say the age and it has been cold storage kept. I see this on ebay all the time from resellers who have no idea where the fur has been. So, I am probably being cynical here.


I furrier could have had it in their fur vaults that long before they sold it, too. So, the fur could be 4 years old for the seller and the pelts could still be 10 years old.


What is the length? If it is over 132cm that is a good sign. On in the last 5 years or so have they made that length.


Also, if this coat is made for a woman, the sleeve length is 8 cm shorter than for a male.


Now after the "buyer beware" warnings! From the pictures it is absolutely gorgeous!! Also, nice Fox furs are hard to find. So, once you decide you want it I would be decisive.


On price well, that is a hard one. As with all items, a good price is what a knowledgeable seller will pay. Piotr, might be a good source on price.


I hope this helps.



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Nice coat indeed. How is the condition of the coat? Does it have some signs of earlier use? The price the seller wants is probable 10000 nok.

You can try to offer 7000-8000 if you think that is too much.

I don't think the market for used furs are very hot in summertime and this is maybe the time to make a good buy.

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Hey all, and thanks for the input!


I'll post some more info:


ReFur, she has papers and reciepts to show that it has been cold stored at her Furriers. (Which is a very renowned furrier in the area!) She also has reciept to show that its only 4 years old. I dont think the pelts are old - This is from the eastern part of Oslo and they sell a lot of fur over there. I doubt the coat has been at the furriers for more than max 1/2 year. It is a female coat, yes, so the sleeves are probably shorter. but all my coats are female. It's the way I like them hehe. Besides, I'm not very big or tall. I'm 73 kgs at 1.73 cm high


It's hardly been worn. (Yes they all say that), but iI believe her, because if you look at the pics, the coat is slightly too small for her. And she also says she has another furcoat she has used instead of thisone due to size.


I'm getting more pictures later, but sellers ensures me that it is white as snow. No discolorations or wear, or chemicals etc. And the fur itself is apperantly extremely soft.


Hope this helps for further comments. It's a lot of money to spend, and I wanted to run it by you guys first


Thanks everyone for the replies so far!!

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Then quickly resolve price and buy it! You will kick yourself if you miss it.


We want to see pictures if you do!



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Well guys, I think I'm gonna go for it!


Seller is sending me some more pictures within this week, and if I'm still as impressed as I am now, It's a deal!


Thanks for the advice everyone! Can't wait to get this coat. It looks absolutely STUNNING!

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