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Hey all


I wonder if you can help - I have noticed that our old fav Dynasty is now appearing on DVD and was wondering what series was best for furs? (Yes I know they did love their furs in all series)


There was one or two clips I can remember - Adams wife buying lots of fur coats from the furrier out of spite and Heather Locklear pretending to be Krystle and getting her new fur coat..


Does any of these ring a bell? If so, can you remember what series?





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Ahhhh what happy memories.............. Die Nasty was like a lifeline to me as a teenager in the fur-starved UK.

There are plenty of Dynasty fan sites that will give you detailed guides to the plotline of each episode (plot???? did I really just type that??!!! ) but as far as I`m concerned the programme only took off in a big way when Joan Collins appeared in the first episode of series 2. From then on it was power furs and shoulderpads every week!


Try any of these -








Good luck!

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Thanks for that Furpunk. But where did you live in the eighties? I was in london for a while and it was awesome!!!!! Finchley Road and Harrow were as good as the west end!!! And even in Wales and the West country and Birmingham it was awesome for furs!!! there was (still is) a bar in Soligull called jacksons. HUNDREDS of gorgeous girls in faux and real. You still get the odd one now. In the early eighties I remember the most amazing furs even at punk gigs. I saw The Police support the Cramps and they were in abundance!!! But the three classics gigs I remember were Siouxsie and The Banshees and Blondie and the Damned for furs errrr...then came the Exploited and their ilk:cry:


Now heres the thing. All those furs are still in closets and the younger generation have the bottle to wear them again. Its been getting better and better the last few years. You need to get yourself to the races lad in the winter!!!!

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Bristol was full of right-on students and other 'caring' people in the eighties. They used to daub obscenities on the last remaining furrier's house. He had to put up with some real sh*t from them. I'm afraid fur in Bristol during the eighties was as rare a rocking-horse pooh (it still is).

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I was in Bristol!!!!!!


Yes i went to the Dugout with loads of fur chicks...never a problem


there was "lynn I want to dance" in mouton to catherine "hold me please I'm having a flashback" in lynx to "Ruth do you want me in mink or fox"

To Jenny P "do you know waht I want to do to you with this fox boa".


Those were their nicknames to everyone at college!!!!


AND the Bristol home girls were even better.


My girlf of the time was SArah P from Speedwell and I was knocking off marianna from Barton Hill and Angel from Henbury. they all had furs galore.

As did Jenny mindtunnel, And Andy Smiths girlf with the big hair and fox bolero or huge 40s mouton at all the gigs.


I must have got off with at least a hundred women in fur on buses and trains from 1979 to 1982. Never had one say no. My fave was a gilr who was always on the last bus from opposite John Lewis to filton. She eventually went to work in Jersey but she had:

a gorgeous dark brown faux long fur with sholuder pads.

A mouton swing

a blue fox.

She had big bubble backcombed hair and smoked dunhill. I never quite got her into bed but flirted like mad. She used to be in the Wheatsheaf every night with three friends...hairdressers as I remember. All had furs galore. I got off with all of them one by one. the best looking took the longest but in pouring rain one evening i escorted her up park Street under my umbrella couched into her fur and we spent half an hour outside micheals furs imagining which furs she would look best in.

And heres the thing. I think EVERY one of those women had(probably still have) fur fetishes.


What part of Bristol were you allfurme!!!????


You MUST remember janice P??!!! Everyone knew her!!!!


You must remember the trinity Hall gigs with bands like The Electric Guitars and Thin Air and MindTunnel ???


You must remember young Liz hurley and moles in Bath...there were always furs around!!! AND you must remember "POGO ON A HIPPY" t shirts???


But yes...and oh how grim...the came the likes of Chaos UK and Disorder and the other midlle class scruffy punk bands with politics. But there were always still the Lozenges and Flock of Seagulls.


Me i was always more of a Crazy Trains fan. I remember me and them stumbled on a posh student party once and we all ended up snuggling fox fur babes all night!!!! That was off whiteladies road. Ahhh that was another fur sighting heaven....remember the all night takeaway "The Good Food" which must have been the only place on the planet you could buy take away roll mop herrings at four in the morning as you mingled with all the dynasty looking babes who had just come out of the casino behind....mmmm great days.....

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You were a student!!!!!!!!


My clubbing days ended in the early eighties, I was 'happily' married from 1981. To be honest as a working man (dig, dig) the places i went i never saw fur. Employed people didn't go to the Dug Out on Park Street; that was for students! Michaels was the furrier i mentioned.


I lived in St George in the early eighties.

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Janice P was a teacher at St George school then.

Long black curly hair; 29 years old. Vet nice mongolian lamb collared sheepskin; a nice coney and sometimes her sisters long black faux. Boy could she smoke a cigarette.


There were a few older women I remeber in nice furs in St George too.


Every time I finished college I would jump on a bus home and because of some chick in fur I got talking to I would end up in Hartcliife, Kingswood (oh that number 88 bus upstairs!!) Hanham, even Keynsham and Bath sometimes!!!!


errrrr...yes I didnt get much work done....my only regret is if I had known those days would end then I would have done even less!!! yes the decauched and wasteful life of studenthood....


Crumbs I could tell you some stories.....I partcularly remember a blonde in coney and thigh boots that was a fashion student at Exeter on a train to Cardiff. We were alone in the carriage, and the train(late night) was delayed.......

Then there was one lady from New York, a teacher...her name was Nancy...a gorgeous brunette ...we spent three hours in the waiting room just smoking and chatting...with the inevitable snog at the end...missing train after train as we were headed in seperate directions. She even sent me a christmas card and I didnt get in touch stupidly. She had the most awesome sheared jet black full length beaver........oh oh oh......


yes furs are rare there now...I think the hippy fascists institutionalised political correctness. Still get the odd nice one at Henrys at the top of Park Street.


Didnt your wife wear furs then???

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Sadly I grew up in the wilds of rural Northamptonshire , the kind of place where tweed jackets , wellies and flat caps were compulsory. When I did manage to escape away to college in `85 I ended up in the capital of right-on-politically-correct-save-the-ant student Britain - Cambridge. Loads of ridiculously wealthy women and virtually all of them too scared of the placard-waving lefty students to ever dare to wear fur .


On a totally different topic - I must have seen The Cramps a dozen times or more but I can`t ever remember spotting many furs at their gigs. This might , of course , have something to do with getting as close to the front as possible in order to ogle Poison Ivy - now there`s one woman I would love to see in an 80s style fox coat...................... where`s the emoticon for "drool"?

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I am pretty sure she had a fur...I think it was mouton...but may have been faux.


Lots of the punk girls did then.


You should have gone to the Hunt balls where you were !!!!!! Still good!!!

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