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50 NEW pics of CAROL ALT in lots of furs

Guest touchofsable

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At least fifty...If you do a fur search with Carol Alt on Getty Images you will only get about half of them. Type in Carol Alt and there are 22 pages of which 15 show her in different furs. If you are feeling lazy then just go to editorial images, then type in "Carol Alt fur" for 25 ....loads of gorgeous fox stoles, trims, boas etc and the most spectacular long classic lunaraine MINK....you HAVE to see that folks. Go to Getty Images. http://editorial.gettyimages.com and just type her name and fur in search.A spectacular haul!!!! Carol must ADORE fur!!!


She is still soooo gorgeous. Must be another nominee for fur queen...someone will have to do it though as I gave made my three.


And of course, if you want to see more of Carol Alt, as THE Virginia Slims girls guess where she is toinght? Yes...in the Smoking Lounge of the olde denne pub. A taster:


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