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Firstly thankyou to the three people that actually took the time to reply to my most recent post. I've since edited that post because I realized that perhaps such honesty was not really warranted or appreciated here. Especially as it seems most would seem tend to want to reply to or talk to females . See most recent franinfur posts..... Even the females. Next time I'll have my girlfriend post on our behalf perhaps she can stir you all up a bit.javascript:emoticon(':)') Sorry about the subject heading it's a cheap trick. However I feel it's somewhat deserved by some given the welcome I'd have received if I was a lady or at least posting as one. Can't say I'm surprised just a little disappointed is all. tiil next time .

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everybody is most welcome here....its just that guys are braver.

So when a girl joins we all welcome her....it does take a little more courage and also we do get the odd few who would hit on them...so its important for a lady to feel comfortable...


However I take your point.


Anyway welcome; and hope you feel you can contribute and be made to feel welcome by all as you go along.

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One of the problems here right now is that it is summer time. There are not a lot of people here, so if a few are off for holidays, suddenly the whole place is quiet with almost no one here. Even site construction has slowed, but there is a huge new area under design that is getting very, very close to coming on board here.


We certainly do want to say welcome and I am sure that all members would join me in that. (If they were here!)


And, if your girl friend would like to come on, we would like to say welcome to her as well.


White Fox

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Furomance How very remiss of me - I do apologise - of course welcome! welcome! welcome!


My only excuse is that because of time restrictions, I very often dont open a lot of messages. And then once they get far down on the list I never see them again, and so I overlook them. Poor excuse, but then maybe others do this as well.


I'm sure White Fox is right. You may just have hit a bad day to post


All members welcome you, I'm quite certain

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I hope this post will help you understand our reaction, correction, I guess I can only say MY reaction to your post.


I usually like to re-read posts so I can clarify my initial reaction. Since your original post has been altered, I can only reflect on my memory of my initial reaction.


I did read your original post. I noted it. And, yes; maybe that much honesty from someone that I do not know is why I chose to not post.


Let me explain why: A few new "open" members ended up eventually putting me in a position I was not comfortable with. I do not care to elaborate on this here. But, I hope you might get my point.


So, now when a member that I do not know gives "more information" than a stranger might normally give, I back off until I can get to know that person better.


We are a "family" here. Not just strangers who post. So, when someone new joins us, it takes time to get to know each other.


Would you run into the middle of a new neighborhood bar or pub and start talking of private issues and expect everyone to run up to you and hug you? I don't think so. They want to know you first. Then the personal stories are appreciated.


So, before you decide who and what we are, hang around for awhile. Get to know us by contributing to the different threads, then tell us a little more about you.


I think you will like it here and find members to be warm and receptive. You will also find many of us share our lives openly here. Both the good and the bad. We hurt with each other; And, we celebrate with each other.


Hope that helped. And, I hope you will get to know us. The Fur Den is an incredible group!



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I didn't respond to the 'lady' posting, A) because i felt i would say something totally predictable! B) I would only really respond if i felt no one else was.


When I joined many moons ago i didn't introduce myself i just posted comments on the topics.


PS Are you sure you aren't a woman?

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Once again, Linda, you have accurately articulated the feelings that many of us have. Thank you!


furomance, it's nice to have you here, but please understand that there aren't that many people here or anywhere else whose days are broken or made because of your absence or presence. In my case, I was on vacation during the time you made your first post, so I didn't even see it. (BTW - franinfur became a member here after you. Did you welcome her? ) We are a tolerant lot, us Denizens, and as hard as it is sometimes to avoid passing judgement on our brothers and sisters, we somehow manage to bite our tongues (most of the time, anyway! ). At the same time, none of us are particularly keen on having to "pass a test" to prove ourselves worthy of anyone's presence, nor do we particularly care for anyone misrepresenting who or what they are in our community. Join us, dear friend, and enjoy the comeraderie we all enjoy. Embrace us for what we are - fur lovers, like you, who love to share our experiences, our thoughts and our concerns. Appreciate the fact that we, too, have a life, and I think you'll love The Fur Den as much as all of us.

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I, like many members here, am a "skimmer".


I read the posts. I think about them. I come back later to reply to them.

Unfortunately, some fall through the cracks. But, if I replied to every post, I would have a killer case of "Carpal Tunnel".


If it's any consolation to you, I get anxious when waiting for replies to my posts, too.

But you've got to remember a few things.


  1. People have jobs. We can't all haunt the internet at all hours if we want to eat.
  2. Members of this board are from, virtually, every time zone on the planet. If it's 8:00 PM in the Eastern USA it's midnite or 1:00 AM in Europe. Not everybody stays up that late.
  3. If people don't reply it's not a personal sleight against you. People get busy. People forget. People don't know what to say in a reply. There are 1,000,000 reasons. Just, for some reason, your message hasn't floated to the head of the queue yet. Don't worry! It WILL!


I bet I feel like you do, waiting for somebody to reply. There are days when I get downright JITTERY! To a certain degree, it's natural. Don't let it bug you.


We're listening! Just hang in there!

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Thankyou all for your explanations and thoughts regarding this particular post. Yes I was having a bit of a dig and no I am not sitting here at my computer waiting for instant replies or interest in my posts. Nor do I feel anyone on this forum should feel obligated to post unless they feel like it. I understand that indeed my original post may have been too forthright and too open. My reasoning behind that was to eliminate any doubt that I am indeed like minded with yourselves and not some PETA hacker trying to disrupt things here. I don't need to test anyone and my apologies if I offended any by my observations regarding females in this forum. I understand entirely that it may have appeared to some that I was indeed being at a flat sprint right out of the gate. Indeed however I date back to the days of Mr and Mrs B so forgive my familiarity. yes I'll bite my tongue .

BTW looks like PETA are at it again. This time underhandedly going after Beyonce. regards to all Romance

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