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St Moritz


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I would like to send out a special thanks to Touchofsable on a fantastic weekend at the white turf meeting.As he has already mentioned we all took a selection of furs and had a great time.In the restaurants at least 50% of all women were wearing furs and at the races it was just wall to wall fur with some incredible lynx's and one amazing dyed red sable topped with a dyed red silver fox hat.I think he has some amazing photos lined up for later. Another couple who were there with him just can't wait to buy furs for the near future.There are some more racing trips lined up and a fur fashion show very soon,i'm sure he would be glad to see some more members attend as him and his girlfriend are a lovely couple.

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Thankyou blackfox; the sentiments are mutual.


So who's joining us next year??


Go to white turf's website and plan now!!!!


Please pm me for details about the fashion show if you are interested. We have sourced some gorgeous new furs from a designer in the czech republic who has ethically sourced the furs from Saga who have excellent animal husbandry, yakutia, and the wonderful czech rabbit free range farms; whose work has also protected hare habitats by resisting pressure from intensive agriculture. The fur is a bi product....the trilby industry(Czech rep makes the finest rabbit felt trilbys....the animals are sheared, and live a relatively long life, to produce several crops of fur felt).


The show is for charity.

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I know we've discussed this before but hopefully I can make it there next winter too. Now that would be one hell of a place for a fur shoot.



Mr Mockle

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