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As with probably most of us in this den, I have quite an extensive collection of (fur) pics from the web. I have around 5,000 pics saved (scattered) on cd right now. The biggest problem I have is with duplicates. I use clonespy to help get rid of some of them but its not 100%, and going the manual route is frying what little brain I have left. Is there any program out there that is better (free to use) than clonespy?? Any suggestions on how to organize my pics, other than how I see other websites do it?? I know there are some fantastic photo organizing programs out there but at the $250+ and up price I cant afford anything like that at the moment.


Any help would be appreciated

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Personally, what I've done in terms of organization, is grouped pictures together that have similar themes. For instance, all of Lindas pictures are in a folder together, all of Purples photos are together, and then both of those (along with others) are in an ebay folder. I also have a folder called "A mans world?" in which I place all the pictures of mens fur garments, and I have a bunch of others like this as well. But then of course the problem with this is, is that I still have tons of pics that don't fit into any of the folders that I have. Go figure.

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Wow! Thanks, Bob23. That is a wonderful tool for me.


I will have to download that and try it soon.





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I use an idatic method.


I have a main folder for pictures which includes two sub folders. They are named "Veneriis" and "Non-Veneriis". Within those folders are more sub folders. For instance, in "Veneriis" there are folders named, "Pygae", "Renonis", "Non-Renonis", "Salsissimum", "Somni" and "Ursine". ("Pictures with fur", "Pictures without fur", "Humorous pictures", "Fantasy pictures" and "Pictures with Bears".)


Inside those folders are more sub folders based on some commonality I finde between picures. Sometimes it's color. (White fur) Sometimes it's the model. (Aliya Wolf) Other times it's about the setting. (In the woods. On water, etc.)


Mac OS X's operating system provides a very good method of searching through folders and looking at previews just using the keyboard and the command keys. I don't really need a fancy program to organize things if I know how to keep them in a logical fashion to begin with.


I can use the OS's "Find" feature to find file names or comments in the file's "Get Info" box. I can use just the arrow keys to search through previews. I can type Command-O to open the picture to see it full size.


That's one reason I was able to pull out pictures from my collection when somebody asked for pictures of blonde girls on white fur wearing a bikini. It also helps if you have good visual memory but it's the OS that makes it easy to retrieve things.

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I also organised my pictures in subfolders. But with more and more new pictures this is too much work. and not very handy. A database would be better, where you can assign every picture some keywords. Like this, you can find the right picture for the right mood just by searching for the right keywords.

I don't like Picasa very much, cause it's not so easy to use. So I'm searching for a better programm for free. Does anyone got an idea?

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