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And guess where she is? Yup! She is in the smoking Lounge of the Old Denne Pub.


And she is smoking in BLUE FOX!!!!! Anyone know what film this is from?





Of course, they arent as good as Lana's beautiful find of the white fox , but they are kind of sexy and there are more (and loads of smoking images) in the smoking thread in off topic.

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*Adds film to queue in Blockbuster Online*


I heard there were furs in this film, and I suspected it considering the subject matter (drugs = $ = furs mentality). Now it's confirmed. Goood work.



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so wa's a peddlin me mean man...me fell use a givin' it plenty a nuttin' ...

or is u raiiilly cuddlin up with sam charlie tonite...me mean wiv some poonani in de foxies' o furs eh?


In all seriousness; I'd buy drugs off PC in that fur just to get close and then chuck em away after!

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