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Big Brother who?

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Back to the Windoze non-spyware anti-spyware verification tool; Mikhail found this article on another site about it




After having read a story I had previously posted at SSFF to provide Del Boy with an answer to a problem of his:




Both do make you wonder just what M$ is up to... are they now part of a world wide spy ring?? Or are they just as corrupt as some of their programs.


BTW, if you are still on Windoze 98 or ME, remember that M$ now wants you to go out and buy a genuine copy of XP so they can get you to then go out and buy one of the many versions of Vista they will be releasing later this year... or early next year.


The reason for this advise?? Simple... they will no longer be providing any support at all for those OSes. They were so Hol(e)y when released that it would cost them more money than they would gain.

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My friend is getting Linux soon since he discovered his computer is now sending daily messages to Microsoft and he can't do a damn thing about it.


Beta testing was mentioned in one of the articles of Mr. B.


You are Microsoft's Beta tester and you get to pay for all the mistakes and errors. They don't actually Beta test in house. I was told this a long time ago by some folks who work there and a few who are multi-milionaire retirees from the Big M. "How do you think we made all that money?" was one such cynical remark.




Rest my case.




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I've been telling people about this for years, ever since Windoze XP came out.

Almost everybody poo-poohs when I tell them.


I just lean back in my chair and smile at them.

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