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I left when my friend left, back before the re-launch...


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But I've been lurking, checking a few threads and sub-forums off and on. 

Anyway Hi, 

I'm Smothered,

28 year old autistic dude who's obsessed with furs.  

My fur collection contains about like 16 tails i think. 

It's a variety of foxes.  and a coyote tail, which I kinda like, but meh, the fur is a bit rough. 

The arctic fox tail i have, omg i can't handle it.  It's so pretty and soft, oh and that cross fox feels like butter. 

Bout it. 





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9 hours ago, Furever Heidi said:

Welcome back. Has your friend also returned or is this a solo venture for you?

Nah she's done with the site; I understand why she chose to leave.  


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