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Mink, vintage vs new style


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Hi all,

I have been buying furs for a while now and after a few fox have settled on mink as a favorite. My purchases so far have been used just due to my budget at the time (photos attached). Both these buys the fur has been heavier, bulkier, big shoulders and overall kind of make me look BIG.

I tried on one at the local market here in Italy and it fit me like a glove. Ive never put something on and it felt like this. Light, formed to my body but didn't cling, SO comfortable, flexible and SLIMMING.

So I guess my question is, are these characteristics of modern mink fur coat production only? Is it time to sell the vintage and invest in a brand new mink coat to get the qualities i'm seeking? FYI I don't wear furs for that "extra" look. I wear them out of practicality and for day to day wear/casual, as you can see.




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Personally I prefer bigger fur coats, I don't find that it makes the person wearing it look big, on the contrary the contrast between the big coat and the person makes him / her look smaller especially with a big fur collar. But that's a matter of taste and mink isn't my favourite ☺️

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That is a lovely mink jacket and perfect for your purposes - everyday wear. I recently bought a vintage fisher jacket. It seems to me to be a compromise between mink and fox. I, too, wear it very often. More now than my full length coats.

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