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40 designers used fur for first time this season

Guest touchofsable

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Just as a balanced positive to the ralph lauren story, its worth remeinding ourseleves that the winter just gone saw FORTY designers using fur fior the first time in addition to the hundreds that already stick by it.


check www.fashion-era.com/Trends_2006/5_fashi ... l_2005.htm


for a little observation by a vegetarian who has to concede the inevitability of it and welcome it on the catwalks.


Even Calvin Klein used it according to this report.

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Here's hoping more jump on the fur bandwagon during the upcoming fall and winter!!! " title="Applause" />



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One of the things I found interesting in one of my trade magazines. It stated that comparing 2005 to 2004 mink and non-mink imports were down by 16 to 18%. This does not take into consideration that domestic production could have filled in the slack. I doubt it though.


Cotton and man-made-Fabrics were way up.


My personal opinion on designers using fur: If they make money they will and if they don't, they will use the politically favorable option of saying, "They wanted to do the right thing."


How do you think it would have looked if they simply said they couldn't make money at it, so they removed the line?



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I think there may be some truth in that with houses like ralph lauren who are mickey mouse really.


Companies like Chanel Dior and Gucci and dozens of others actually lose huge money on all their couture range. especially furs. So they do it as a labour of love; creation of beauty for beauty sake.


They make their money on perfumes etc.

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