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On Canada here


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Hello there fellow fur lovers
  I am a mid 40’s male that enjoys the luxury of fur and everything about it in fashion. I have a few fur coats
myself and a couple fur trimmed coats as well, along with other fur items. I am also a huge fan of leather
and enjoy nothing more than pairing a nice fur with a pair of my leather pants. I even have a pair of leather
pants that are completely lined in fur on the inside. I look forward to reading and learning new
things on here about my favorite material, along with meeting others with the same love for this luxury.

Feel free to drop me a line to chat anytime


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After doing some policy reading on here that I need to post 10 things before I can PM. So if you send me a PM before I pull off 10 posts, Im not ignoring you, I can't respond yet......stay tuned !

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2 minutes ago, Furski said:

Hello! Fur lined pants!!! Awesome & must be sooo warm. Men wear furs much in Canada?

Well hello there Furski !! Yes, they are very warm and not an indoor pant, or for a very short while. I see a few Men here in winter wearing full fur but still pretty rare. Fur trimmed coats or fur trimmed hoods, I see LOTS!!!

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7 minutes ago, Furski said:

Love fur trimmed footwear. Care to chat. Used to go around Toronto area yrs ago for hockey

Fur trimmed footwear I don't have but I do like to see as well. Sure, shoot me a PM if you want..

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1 minute ago, Furski said:

How do you PM? No PM since FFG. I can send you my email. Talk about fur boots!

Top right corner, little envelope. Just sent you one. Check your inbox..

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