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Ralph lauren drops fur


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This will and should be seen as a gutless capitulation to terrorists.


As fur has not been a hugely significant feature of Ralp[h lauren collections, it could also be seen as cynical publicity seeking.


It is very impotant that we send them a message as individuals. Write to their head office. ALL of us here should make the effort to do that...saying why.

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If every member and guest here would write a letter to them stating that they will no longer buy their products and stating the reason is that they are bowing to the terrorist aspects of PETA, it might have some affect.


Does anyone have an email for them? Are members here willing to do this?


By the way, I am wondering if there might be one positive spin to these things though. Is it possible that if these "Walmarts of fur and fur trim" drop out of fur that Linda, Tsarvick, Mailon, etc. might actuallly gain ground, and thus fur land up in a better position as a result of it? I may be wrong, but I have an idea that people buy fur because they want to buy fur. They will hunt it out from a fur store. I am hoping that this might indeed be the case. Time will tell. The opposite of course is the pressure that Peta can put on small businesses.



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Its my opinion that if fur is on the catwalk, then people will buy it from smaller businesses, second hand, ebay etc...few can afford couture.


I am sure Ralph Lauren will have a website with contact details. We should all write that letter.

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It may be www.polo.com


I have already written a strongly worded letter by post, and just posted it . But I near that these days they count customer reaction by email response. A combination would be good.

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I just posted this on the other thread about designers using fur. Thought it was appropriate here as well.


One of the things I found interesting in one of my trade magazines. It stated that comparing 2005 to 2004 mink and non-mink imports were down by 16 to 18%. This does not take into consideration that domestic production could have filled in the slack. I doubt it though.


Cotton and man-made-Fabrics were way up.


My personal opinion on designers using fur: If they make money they will and if they don't, they will use the politically favorable option of saying, "They wanted to do the right thing."


How do you think it would have looked if they simply said they couldn't make money at it, so they removed the line?



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I had sent an email to the polo web site and got two replies back within hours, very efficient and helpful:



Thank you for your return email.


You are welcome!


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our

Customer Assistance Representatives using our toll free number

888-475-7674. Our hours of operation are 9:00 am to 12 midnight Eastern

Time, Monday through Friday, and 11:00 am to 11:00 pm Eastern Time,

Saturday and Sunday.


Thank you for your interest in Polo Ralph Lauren.





Kerri E.

Customer Support Representative






and this was the original reply from customer service:


Thank you for contacting Polo Ralph Lauren in regards to

>dissatisfaction of the Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation no longer using

>fur in or on their products.


>You may contact our Corporate office at the following:


>Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation

>650 Madison Avenue

>New York, New York 10022


>They can also be reached by calling (212) 318-7000.




>Kathy R

>Polo.com Customer Service Representative

>(888) 475-7674



I'll be writing a letter to them and can post it for others to take and copy, but give me a day or so.

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They sent you such a sincere reply, didn't they, Miss T!!!! Hopefully, you'll hear from a 'real' person soon. If you do, please share the response with us. Thanks!



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they did use fur as trim, shearling and mouton etc too but the odd bit of fox and mink. So yes it is a publicity grab.


howver , a comapny who have made money out of a classic traditional look must know immediately that they incur the wrath of their customers if they think they can lose something they didnt much use anyway and make cheap publicity out of it.


We ALL must write to the adresses Miss T gives or email them.


I also ask those who visit here incognito to also take up this.Thankyou.

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There are many even missing from that list. MAny.


BUT what is significant is BILL BLASS back USING fur after a similar satement a few years ago as Ralph lauren.


I burnt 43 Ralph Lauren shirts tonight (24 mine and the rest donated by ithers) at a barbecue tonight. They were mostly crap and FADED anyway.


A big F*** *** to Ralph lauren and BOYCOTT their whole collection this year and all their shit off spin stuff like t shirts and have a go at the concessionairies in every DEPT store....and tell ALL your friends to do the same.

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Okay, sorry it took so long, but you just wouldn't believe the chaos that is going on with my new house I've rented... suffice it to say, that and a ton of backed up work is taking up a lot of my time.


Here is what I've come up with to send to Ralph Lauren's corporate office. Any suggestions are appreciated, and everyone is free to use what I've written and use it to contact them yourself. No, I don't care if you change any of it... I'm just trying to help out those who may not have time to think of a letter like this, but want to make a difference.






To Whom It May Concern:



I was very disturbed recently to read that Ralph Lauren has decided to drop fur in their

upcoming fashion lines.


I am curious to know the reasons why this decision was made and if this is a stance

that your company will continue to take?


I am an avid fur lover, and feel that it is imperative to send a positive message about

using fur, for fashion and utilitarian ends alike. There is nothing that compares to real

fur. For example, synthetics pollute our environment when they are produced and do

not lend the same feel, look or warmth factors that real fur affords one. The fur farming

trade is very humane, and is in fact more humane that most trades that process

animal products, such as slaughterhouses and chicken farms. There are still many

native tribes and peoples who rely upon the fur they harvest to make a living; these

native cultures hold a strong respect and love for the animals that they utilize for warmth,

food and various other products they might make for sale. Is it not in the best interest

of us all that we in turn respect the ways of the fur trapper, the native hunter and the fur

farm ranchers of the world rather than put an end to their livelihoods?


I realize there is pressure from anti-fur organizations on many individuals and business

owners alilke, but the anti-fur voice is certainly not the only voice out there. Many

anti-fur groups like to misinform and use emotionally charged tactics to get their voices

heard. Surely it is better to educate with the truth about the fur industry, rather than fall

prey to political/sociological power plays that are forced upon us by the likes of PETA

and other extremist organizations that wish to force their beliefs upon one and all. Let

us not be bullied by the scare tactics and ulterior motives of organizations that wish to

stifle human expression and ask for unreasonable freedoms for animals, placing them

above us in the food chain. I love animals, but I will also utilize them as I see fit, within

humane circumstances of course.


I beg you to reconsider your choice to stop using fur in your product lines. The desire

for fur, from those who love it, will never wane. It will never fall prey to the pressures of

opposition, yet stride on proudly in the face of adversity. The reason for this, I believe,

is due to the sumptuous feelings fur lends to the wearer, something which cannot be

"faked." For someone like me, who truly appreciates the beautiful, natural and

renewable resource that is fur, we will look elsewhere to find what we desire if you do

not provide it to us. So, once again, please reconsider your decision about fur.






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Excellent letter Miss T.


I have received a reply already from them.


It says , paraphrased:


"we are sorry about (your view) but the decision has pleased thousands of people all over the world"


The key word here is PEOPLE. Shows that they are indeed motivated not by animal kindness but by percieved market support.

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"This will and should be seen as a gutless capitulation to terrorists.


As fur has not been a hugely significant feature of Ralph Lauren collections, it could also be seen as cynical publicity seeking. "


Ralph Lauren had extraordinary fur collections back in the 70's and early 80's but as fur fell out of favor in the late 80's and 90's they began only using fur as trim. Thus, I'm inclined to agree with the "cynical publicity seeking" angle re: their recent announcement.


I feel disheartened every time I read about a PETA press release annoucing their latest "victory". Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions/beliefs - But PETA strikes me as a band of misguided zealots who demonize those who disagree with them and frequently use questionable tactics as they attempt to create their vision of a more perfect (and fur free) world.

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And worse....

ANIMAL free world.


i would not be here if I didnt believe in animals as beautiful creatures equal to us.


When we kill animals for fur we recognise their beauty. kill them for meat and their energy is gone down the toilet in 24 hours.


When we fight for fur we fight FOR animals and respect for them.


PETA want an animal free planet to make land available for their paymasters.

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