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A woman was sitting at a bar enjoying an after work cocktail with her

girlfriends when an exceptionally tall, handsome, extremely sexy looking,

middle-aged man entered. He was so striking that the woman could not take her eyes off him. The young-at-heart man noticed her overly attentive stare and walked directly toward her. (As all men will.)


Before she could offer her apologies for so rudely staring, he leaned over

and whispered to her, "I'll do anything, absolutely anything, that you want

me to do, no matter how kinky, for $20.00...... on one condition."


Flabbergasted, the woman asked what the condition was. The man replied, You have to tell me what you want me to do in just three words."


The woman considered his proposition for a moment, and then slowly removed a $20 bill from her purse, which she pressed into the man's hand along with her address. She looked deeply into his eyes, and slowly and meaningfully said,







"Clean my house."




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What is it that men may do standing up...


That women may do sitting down...


And dogs may do, standing on three legs?





Give up?










Shake hands!

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While reading that I was sure you were talking about me. On reading the last line I looked around here at my house.


You are not talking about me!


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I'm pretty sure Linda was speaking about me... I can't leave my den because I've mopped myself into it! Boring = watching wet floors dry!!!



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A woman would never get me doing housework.


Unless of course......







um....Linda.....how much would you charge me to stand over me in that coat with a whip while I cleaned your floors.....?

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You guys are too funny.


I don't care how broke I am, I will hopefully always have a cleaning lady. I will work until midnight to earn more to pay for one!


It is not that I think it is demeaning in anyway. I just don't seem to get the time to get it done.



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I'm just to cheap to hire a maid (leaving aside all the paranoia I have about someone going through my house when I'm not around )


Besides - I'm single and pretty anal about keeping the house up, so at least in my situation, a maid really isn't needed...



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