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Hello Fur Den,

I am thinking of heading into fur as a fashion sector and or learning how to be a furrier.

Does anyone know what kind of qualifications are needed, what kind of steps should be taken, and if there are maybe any summer course or something for which this kind of thing could be done. Ideally in the UK but i would be open to other countries, Serbia aswell.



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I just searched for "become a furrier UK". Have a look here





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Getting into this industry requires a lot of knowledge. Starting with being able to identify and grade furs. The equipment that is required to create fur garments is expensive. Learning how to follow the grain and match fur; is a skill in itself. Finding and dealing with fur suppliers or going to auctions. How do you plan to market your products? The list goes on. Here is another good place to start learning. If you are really that interested. 


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