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Fox fur coats and their design


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I was wondering how fox fur coats are generally designed. The information on internet on this matter is not exactly abundant. Looking at fur coats I own and from pictures, I have concluded / asked myself the following:

- Generally the body part is made of vertical strokes of pelts, stitched together on the inside. The physical size of a single pelt is not long enough to make up an entire vertical stroke. Apparently it is possible to stitch 2 pelts invisibly together in vertical direction. Is this also possible in horizontal direction or are the stroke separations intentional?

- The collar is generally made of double sided pelts and returned outward, so at the opening there are 3 layers of fur: the body of the coat itself and the double collar on top of that.

- A sleeve is made out of 2 pelt widths or more.

- Fox tails are rarely used and when present they are clearly visible and recognisable as such. Or are they also used as for cuffs?

Any additional information or corrections would be most welcome and enlighting.

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