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runway video!


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net transport works very well. just click the properties of the clip and paste in the url in net transport. plus it is a free program. i use it for all types of streams

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Since Ryanshy sent me a message saying QT Pro didn't work for him I thought I would offer every one a how to to make it work... There is one caveat however, you need a mac... Sorry M$ users but it seems your SOL... M$ controls your desktop so much that the DRM works just like all the malware does.


Anyway if you use a mac and your on a PPC based unit then go here http://www.flip4mac.com/wmv_download.htm and DL flip4mac... this will make any wmv file work and BTW it's free.


If you are on a intel based mac you need to create a version of QT Player running under rosetta. This is easily done by duping QT Player and then doing a "get info" on it. Once in the in the "Info" window select the check box "Open using Rosetta" this will allow you to install flip4mac and use it. Oh you will need to do the same thing for the installer too... Instructions can be found here http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20060307172148591&lsrc=osxh


BTW there is a Mactel version of Flip4Mac due out very soon but beta is beta and this is the only way you can doe it now.


Anyway once you have installed flip4mac youu should have no problem saving the files. You will however have to figure out what the URL is to DL the stream file directly to you desktop but I can't do everything for you...


If however you using windoz your SOL with out using some 3rd party product that saves streams but they do not work all that well from my experience.



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