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Fox Fur Tail Scarf


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Sorry for making another post so soon!


Some of you may have already seen the post about the fox fur blanket I made, here:




However, I thought you might be interested to know that I don't waste anything - the creation of my Palomino Silver collection is leaving me with quite a number of tails. Of course, I have to use them for something!


So, here is one item I currently have for sale - this scarf is actually made from four tails, but they are intricately sewn to look like two long tails, instead:




It has a subtle hook and eye closure so that it can be worn securely (the hook and eye are hidden by the fur when used) although it does hang around the neck rather nicely on its own too. Of course, I can make an even longer one by combining even more tails, if anyone is interested!

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Thank you!

I'm going snow-blind with all this Palomino Silver. I have a couple of very nice Lavender Frost skins to work on too...

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Furs Limited - you are most welcome! I have my eye on some other nice colours, but we'll have to see how well this year goes, first!

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Thanks Kyle!

And thank you for your very kind and enthusiastic comments, too. Your new scarf will be in the post soon!


These scarves are proving to be very popular - I still have enough tails for a few more yet. I’m going to have to make more next year!

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Thank you for being an amazing fur creator. I am so dreaming of getting this, It was so my pleasure in purchasing from you. You are so sweet and kind. I love how all us fur lovers are so kind to each other.

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