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Barbara Streisand in fur? Yes? No? Maybe?


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I'd agree.

Also Donna Karan does do fur...or did a couple of seasons ago anyway.


Also Babs has been in lots of movies whre she wears fur.

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I was actually down at Flemington Furs the first time I saw this picture; it was shown to me by my friend Christina, one of their senior furriers. She told me that it was probably knit sheared beaver, a style popularized by the designer Paula Lishman. Christina knits with fur too, but she's more of a genius at color-degrade dying processes and making sheared feel like chinchilla. Anyway (you can tell I'm jonesing for a visit to FF)...the coat that Babs wears in the picture is most definitely double sided. I remember seeing a few more pictures of her in different sheared-knit fur coats as well, but I'll have to check Gettyimages or Corbis to be sure. You should too...it's a shame we can't directly link images in those sites.


But the softness of double-sided sheared knit fur...mmmmm. Something to go to sleep dreaming about when I'm off on another night away from home...



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I can't tell you how soft knitted fur is. Plus, as Joe explains, it has the double-sided advantage.


Your are right Joe, it feels like Chinchilla. I wish there was another sensation that I could explain that could compare to this softness.


Rex Rabbit is one of the most under appreciated furs out there. Another is New Zealand Opossum, which is a GREAT fur!


This is an example of the pretties one I have ever found. It actually is a Knit Fox. It is sold. So, I can link to it.



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For the record, you old-timers will no doubt recall that Barbra Streisand was, and probably still is, into furs BIG TIME.


When she had just gained popularity in the sixties, the was a big LIFE magazine spread on her and her love of furs. She was a big inspiration for me in those days.. God love her for that...

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