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Newspaper Article 1942 | October : "How cold and warm do we get?"


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In the current war, the question has often arisen: can the terrible cold start in the winter months in the Finnish or Russian fronts be held? And how can the human body defend it? Let's go a step further and ask what temperature extremes can humans or animals and plants survive - how cold or warm can organic life endure?

I knew others who went through a 100 degree temperature difference in a few months of the 1914 World War.

For example, one of my friends from Africa's 50-degree heat was in the cold 50s of the Russian front.

Of course, many scientists have experimented with the coldness of the man. There is only one known experiment that has gone to 110-130 ° C. The experimental scientist wrapped in a fur coat in a tube and the tube was constantly cooled. His head remained outside to breathe the cooled air; it would have put too much pressure on the lungs. The fur coat was excellent in protecting the body up to about -50 degrees, but at -65-70 degrees, the wool cloth and fur coat had already passed the cold. But even at that degree, the temperature was unbearable. Later, however, cold feeling became more unpleasant, and even a -80 °, an unbearable feeling of hunger, had taken the experimental scientist to stay in the tube for only 4-5 minutes. However, during this time it was possible to cool the tube beyond -120 degrees. (This feeling of hunger was a natural consequence that the clothing no longer protected the heat radiation of the body and the body wanted to protect itself against heat loss.)




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