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A Request From Me To All of You

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A Request


On June 10th, it will be the 14th anniversary of My shooting & becoming paralyzed/disabled. I was hoping to be able to rewrite history and make this day take a brighter tone than the darker one that it is. No Matter how I try to avoid it, the day comes back to haunt me every year as I stay trapped in this metal chair with wheels.


I would like to ask a request of you all. On June 10th, Please take a moment to take a step not just for me but for all the paralyzed/spinal cord injured/ people who wish they could take one single step.

For Chris Reeve, the vision he had to help others find a cure for this horrible condition, for the children born with spinal degrading illness, scoliosis and for the every day person you may see in a wheelchair.


Please take a step for us and think of the millions who are disabled in such a way. Not out of pity but fore the hopes of a day where disability will be a forgotten word.


I hope you all will take that moment and step forward.

Thank you.



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What a great thought! My thoughts are with you and others and will be on Saturday.


I hope that everyone here will join in our thoughts with Eric that day as he has suggested!




P.S. To say more would take away from Eric's well thought message.


I consider this as very important and as such I am going to make the message into an announcement.

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I'll make sure I remember to wear my pedometer on Saturday & let you know what it reads at the end of the day.

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You are brave and it takes a lot to overcome such a thing.


As you know I support as my main charity spinal injuries. Through this I have seen some of the most dynamic and active people are spine injured and wheelchair bound themselves. I certainly dont see them as disabled in any way...often more "abled bodied" can be far less active members of the community.


And just think Eric...you know what you are about and are far more free in that respect than many people.


Here for example it is you who are opening doors for people. When I first came here I felt nervous, timid(believe it or not!) . I read your posts and thought...yes...this guy isnt scared of anything...you gave me courage.


You have true grit. You are more of a man than most of us.

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You know how much you mean to me. I wish I could say something that would make your day a better one.


I don't know if this will help; ... but, to me you came back to us for a reason. A reason you may never understand while on this earth. Most probably don't realize you died that day on the table and came back.


So, as I take a step for you Saturday, I will also be celebrating your being here!!








So, here is to you, Eric, my friend!!



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Thank you to all who took the time and a few steps for us .

This wasnt just for me, but for all the others who deal with disabilites.

But thank you again for the time and the thoughts.

Now lets look for a better future.

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