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Ferne McCann: First Time Mum


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Ferne McCann has been seen a lot in the press wearing a beautiful blue fox fur jacket.


It's often referred to as 'fake or faux' in text accompanying the pictures of the jacket but it's real. Lovely!


It looks it will feature in episode 3 of the current series of Ferne McCann: First Time Mum (next week in the UK).

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It might be two different coats?


Possibly! The pictures I posted span around 18 months so that could be the case.


It is/they are rather nice either way.


These pictures are from shortly after her daughter was born in November 2017.


The trailer for episode 3 (the last 2 minutes or so of episode 2) show her getting into a chauffeured limo wearing a blue fox jacket which appears to be identical to picture 2 in my earlier post.


I'll be watching on Wednesday 20 February (9pm ITV)

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