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Thx Fracne


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Tody I started to love the European Union a lot more. Her in Sweden, our f*cked up politicans have been planning to more or less ban the mink production. But thanks to France and the European Commission there will be more investigation because France thinks that Sweden is violating EU-regulations. Hopefully the frenchmen will be right. Ohh how I hope...

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Well you will have these socialists.


We are moving very rapidly to the right, noiw Blair and his croneys have been exposed as complete as****s. We should within 5 years have relegalisation of foxhunting and mink farming after we get a Conservative victory as they pledge to do both. They have a dramatic 12% lead....a massive swing in a few months.


The French are very good at sticking up for rural issues. Hopefully things will work out. All you can do is harrass your politicians.

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Just think of all the financial benefits of banning mink production!!


Uhh ... mmm.


Well how about the political benefits?


Uhhhh .... mmmmm.


Who was that now that thought of that stupid idea?


Let's get to that big Oil Company fund raiser before it rains.They could give a rip about fur farmers.



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