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A question...and forgive me for my stupidity, and please could you answer in english , using analogies and metaphors of small forest animlas where necessary.


for the last couple of months my computer has been chucking me out and crashing, saying it hasnt enough memory to start things etc.


Now I checked on the control panel that all the temporary internet files are emptied, and it said there was nothing there. Its supposed to emty the temp files daily.

Hence when disc clean up comes up, for some time there has been very little to delete. Usually it says there is 29 mb or 42 mb or something every day.


So I went to "view files" and found thousands of items in every file going back as far as january.


I delted all the first file by dragging down and selecting all and deleted 78 MB from the recycle bin. Now the computer is much faster , but I dont knbow if I seleted anything imporatnt. Mostly it looked like Java script stuff, hunfdreds of jpgs from things I have never even looked at like Liverpool football club jpgs and car ads. Then there were also things like "urchins" whatever they are and some other unsavoury looking stuff.


Now I thought before this that zine alarm was the problem as often it is that that causes the crash.


I reinstalled it a fortnight ago and the computer worked perfectly for a week and a half.....and it was deleting the ususal quota of crap from the Temp files. But then the last few days it has been deleting mnothing again.


Waht I want to know is is it possible that I have a piece of spyware or something that stops itself and therefore everything else in the temp internet files being regularly emptied so it stays there?

Or is there something else wrong here?

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First, remember that "Memory" and "Storage" are two different things.


"Memory" is what lives inside the computer's motherboard. It's the part that lets you run programs and holds data while you work.


"Storage" is the place on your hard drive where the data is stored on spinning magnetic disks when you save a file or something like that.


When you type a letter and you see it on your screen, its data is in MEMORY. When you save it to your hard drive it goes to STORAGE.


If you ran out of memory, your computer won't even start up. Or, if there is enough memory to start your computer, you might not be able to run application programs correctly when you run out. If your computer starts up and runs correctly for a period of time then suddenly quits with an "Out Of Memory" message you have a problem. If you restart your computer and it goes away, you probably had something called a "Memory Leak". It's a long, drawn-out explanation but, simply, your computer "forgets" where the memory is.


If you look at your hard drive and it says you have "xyz MB" of storage left but later on, there is less even though you didn't do anything, there could be something wrong. It's a sign of having a virus when that happens. But it ain't necessarily so.


Winoze XP and Windoze 98 (et. al.) have something called a "swapfile". They use part of your hard drive as if it was memory, thus allowing you to get more bang for your buck when running larg programs. However there is a drawback... Speed. Hard drives are a lot slower than RAM in storing and retrieving data. If you have a large swapfile on your system and it is trying to store and retrieve data from the drive all the time, your computer will s-l-o-w--d-o-w-n.


Resetting or deleting all the old swapfile data can sometimes speed your computer back up again.


Another thing that happens is when your computer's hard drive gets full, the swapfile's can't work as efficiently as they once did. Again, the thing will slow down because it has to work harder than it used to in order to keep up.


First thing I would do is take all your valuable data and store it off on another hard drive. Then I'd perform a virus sweep and a spyware check.


If that doesn't help I'd be thinking about doning a wipe and a clean installation of your system.


I usually do a "wipe" of my entire system about every year or so just to be safe. It helps you get all the garbage out of your computer that doesn't need to be there. It makes your computer run better and faster if you do it on a regular basis.

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It sounds like a viruis or some nasty spyware may be in your puter.

There are downlaodable spyware software out there that may help you.

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I agree that it could be a virus or malware (spyware or bot infestation). Another possibility that can plague windoze systems and hog all the memory is too many autostarted tasks running in the background (anti-virus clients, IM clients, file sharing, etc, etc.)


I think Worker's suggestion of wiping the system (reloading windose) is probably the best way to fix the problem. Just be sure to backup your personal data (fur pics, links, etc) first.

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I did that about six months ago. I had to because spydoctor exterminated invluable parts of windows 98 recognising programmes such as I.exe as spyware....when its need for access to the net. NEVER use stuff like that agin. I have zone alarm...isnt that supposed to stop that stuff? I dont think its a virus....I never open anything dodgy. So its something I have picked up probably from one of those stupid porno sites people keep semding me to here!!!!


never again! took two weeks to get everything up and running again.


I think its spyware. And I think its in the temp files. And I think its stopping deletion of the temp internet files which is using all the memory....it has worked fine since I got rid of one complete file.


Can I delete EVERYTHING in the temp internet files folders without deleting something important? I dont understamd what the difference between storage and memory is...all I know is when I delete temp internet files everything works....but it isnt doing it automatically.

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Are you using Internet Exploder for your browser? Exploder has the tendancy to store a lot of junk on your computer as "Temporary" files if you don't reign it in.


Go to your menu: Tools > Internet Options...


Tell it to delete all your cookies and temporary files. Then go into the "Settings..." section of that dialog.


There, you will find a slider and a box with a number in it. That number is the amount of disk space you want the browser to use for storing stuff. Move the slider or choose a new, lower number to see if that helps.


When you do this, you perform a balancing act. How much stuff do you want to store in "cache" so that web pages load faster? How much disk space are you willing to sacrifice for speed?


If you have dial-up, you might want to have a larger cache to help it make web pages seem like they load faster. If you have DSL/Cable Internet, et. al., you might want to lower that number a bit so that you won't waste valuable disk space.


If you have Firefox as your browser (I recommend it!) you will have a bit less of those kinds of problem but there are ways to change your cache size and delete cookies/temp files as well. I'm using one of the latest iMacs right now, hooked up to a fast network. I have Firefox configured to only use 76 MB of space for my cache. I clear cookies and junk files regularly. My computer runs as fast as usual and I don't get clogged up with junky temp files.


Still, I would check for viruses...

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Thanks worker you seem to be spot on..mine is set at 145 so I will reduce it a little. However, does that not suggest it will only store that much stuff?


If thats the case how come I appear to have about 12 temporary internet file folders when I go to "disc clean up", and each of them have about 200MB of jpgs, file documents, ads, etc etc on them mostly fromthe last two weeks but also some back as far as January?


Shouldnt they automatically delete after I have set the thing to empty every day and only store 145 MB ? As I say...it always usually comes up with a fair amount to delete daily but its been coming up with 0.02 to delete.


Can I clear EVERYTHING out of temporary internet files at the disc clean up (press on temp internet files and then look ar everything in each file...you cant delete the file itself as a pop up comes up and says "NO...dont do that...it may bugger up windows".


I have cleared one file and the computer is doing better...but WHY isnt it coming up for automatic clearance on disc clean up when I have it set for 1 day only?

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You can delete everything in your temp files.


Anything important to running your comp is stored elsewhere.


I would run an anti spy ware program to check for mal ware and spyware. Spybot searrch &destroy or AdAware are both free and fairly user friendly.


If in doubt, run them both.


Start with these and let us know what you find.

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I was having a terrible time and thought I had all kinds of spyware screens and defensesloadd to protect me.


But, I ran a free software I have and sure enough. That was it. Highly recommend you download and run every few days if you are on the internet the way you are.



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Love that new avatar Linda...is that a coat of yours or are you selling it....if I were you I would keep it...s'nice! Phoaw!


Thanks for the advice everyone.....but at the moment i cant manage to download an anti spyware programme...not enough space to do it......so thats why I am asking if I can safely delete EVERYTHING in my temporary internet files by doing it manually file folder to file folder.


Hey!!! I am not on the net all the time!!!! just a few hours late at night and early morning between painting breaks...I cant stand TV unless its a film or Dr who or something or news. BUT my girlf will watch all this crap big brother and stuff so I come on here!!!! HAH! Is SHE going to have a shock this week when the WOLRD CUP STARTS!!


Problem is though when these chicks know your secrets they can wrap you around their little finger when they want to....

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One problem with using Internet Exploder is that it is so inextricably linked to your computer's system software that any attack on the application is tantamount to an attack on your whole computer... and any other computer that you come into contact with.


Using Internet Exploder is like rubbing a rusty nail on an open wound and hoping you don't get lockjaw! (Okay.... A little hyperbole, there...)


Tempfiles (cache files) are SUPPOSED to "roll over" in the number of days or amount of hard drive space you specify in the settings panels. Older files are supposed to be replaced with newer ones in sequence. I don't know why your cache isn't clearing itself. I don't use Microsoft products enough to know all their (many) quirks.


Seriously, you should AT LEAST TRY Firefox... >>> Click Here <<<


Or Opera. >>> Click Here <<<

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In Programs/accessories, there should be a program called disk clean-up. IT SHOULD delete all temp files and any other files you select to delete (including those in Rubbish Bin).


Then download and install CCleaner. It is a freebie and does what Disk Clean-up does, but with more flexibility. It also enables you to fix up errors/changes within a thing called "Registry"- the place where windoze keeps details of programs, files, and link details. Run the clean-up first and then have it do a scan of your registry. Let it decide what to do to fix things up.


Then download Spybot S&D, disconnect from net, instal, sit back and see what it somes up with. Also run your Antivirus software... and make sure that ZoneAlarm is set-up to block over and under pop-ups and ads... and only accept cookies from the site you are at.


Hopefully, doing this will not necessitate a full re-install of Windoze.


(Had a friend who was having problems with his puter and took up AdAware. It hung after it got to 2000+ bad files/programs/registry entries. He did a complete wipe and reinstall and made sure that anything he could do was done. His missus insisted under certain threats that IE was never to be used again *grin* Gotta love such conversions to Firefox *grin*)


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Thanks for the advice everyone.....but at the moment i cant manage to download an anti spyware programme...not enough space to do it......so thats why I am asking if I can safely delete EVERYTHING in my temporary internet files by doing it manually file folder to file folder.


ToS you seem to have a very simple problem: Your hard disc resources are consumpted!


If your OS is windows xp even 5GB may be too less HD space!

Deleting some tiny temporary files of an amount of let me say 100 Mb will not help anyway.

Nevertheless you should check if there is more than one temporary folder - you might not believe but IE does ridiculous things sometimes, so it would not be unusual if there is as many folders as your xp has users and you never know which of that folders actually is used.


Also your boot procedure seems to start too much applications or there are too much applications active at the same time.

Any warning like "Not enough memory" speak an implicite language.

e.g. a memory of 256 mb on a windows xp system should be not enough in many cases



Thx to Linda for the spybot link. I

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I am talking about all the different site you visit that are known for spyware and viruses. Just comes with the territory.


Thanks, on the fur in my Avatar, I really like this one too.

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A lot of the russian sites are loaded with spyware and god knows what.

ALLWAYS run a viruis and spyware check after going to those sites.

You never know whats lurking out there.

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Thanks for the advice everyone.....but at the moment i cant manage to download an anti spyware programme...not enough space to do it......so thats why I am asking if I can safely delete EVERYTHING in my temporary internet files by doing it manually file folder to file folder.


Do a search for online spyware scans and try one of those.

I suspect ,like someone already mentioned your hard drive is full.

Go to "my computer" and then right click on your "c" drive and then click "properties" Your comp info should show up and among other things it should tell you how much hard disk space is still available.

If ther is very little left, it's time todump some files, copy them to some sort of external storage media (CD's) or add another hard drive.

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So are you keeping that one linda? The fur I mean?


Thanks for all the advice folks.


Where does it say on my computer how much spave is available?


I deleted EVERYTHING in my temporary internet files and it did everything except for deskptop.ini groups(2).com and search(2).com which it says I need, and a curious thing called formate(1)CS_____.____ which it justs says cannot delete.


Altogether about 900 MB have been deleted. My computer appears much quicker now if a bit jumpy, and it hasnt chucked me out by saying "windows has detected you have signed out" when I havent.


Incidentally, WHERE in your computer does spyware and bots and trojans and all that stuff hide? Surely they must have a hidey hole where they are disguised as something else like a programme or an application? Whats an urchin? I deleted loads of those.


The problem is with many of these anto spyware things is its like Nuking your system to swat a fly. They seem to delete vital stuff . Spydoctor is a nightmare. Its like a Darlek exterminating everything and eventually you end up having to reinstall windows and they wont even answer your emails despite the fact they promise good back up advice.


So I will choose one carefully. Of all you have suggested, I have windows 98, and a Dell Dimension XPS M200s. I use Bt Yahoo and that appears to automatically use internet explorere...how do I get it to use Firefox instead? Are there any bad aspects of firefox....someone told me it uses too much memory. Zone alarm by the way uses loads....and its always crashing my computer. Yes there are already loads of stuff on start up like "Task scheduler" "High colour" "volume" "speed touch" "Motive chorus service request" BT yahoo browser and zone alarm and a load of other stuff like Dragdiag and osa and Ybrwicon that it has to sart up before I can get into the computer as it is. I dont know what any of that stuff does but on start up sometimes it will freeze and one of them will say when I press Ctrl alt delete that it is not responding.


So what do you recommend?

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Some of the spyware that SpyBot found were labeled as if they were Microsoft files. The are in the registry and other areas that you should not go into to delete. And, actually even if you wanted to, there is a special software for that too.


I would really encourage you to run Spybot. And, as others have said: If you have a virus it will not help you there. You should have anti virus software also.


I do have a friend that doesn't use either. He just erases and reload his computer every other month instead.


There is another problem you probably have and it has nothing to do with either spyware or viruses. And, it can make a BIG difference in the way your computer runs. It is software that cleans up your computer. I use a few software packages for this. I use Registry clean up software, Norton's System Works, and Perfect Disk. Norton is also my anti-virus program. Supposedly they protect me for spyware, too.


As far as Foxfire goes. I cannot use it. I have to interface with ebay too much. Not compatible. So, I know nothing about it. It will not change the software clean up though. I think you really need to do. It will only give you protection with virus and spyware.




On the fur. Not certain if I will keep it. When you are a fur "pimp" like I am, you tend to not get attached. There is always a "nicer", "new one" out there.

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We used trend Micro housecall and it found three trojans and four or five pieces of spyware. One trojan was in start up


What do trojans do?


also what is best for checking for viruses then?


I know a few things that prevent but how do you know if youve already got them?


I would keep it..the fur I mean...what does your partner think?

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"Trojan" = A virus or malware program that masquerades as a legitimate program in order to get you to run it, thereby tricking you into infecting your own computer with it. (i.e.: A "Trojan Horse".)


Trojans often pose as games or "System Updates" that appear on web pages or get sent to you in e-mails saying "Your system is vulnerable! Click HERE for updates!"

You should never install updates unless you are sure they come from the original manufacturer of your computer or software company. If somebody sends you an e-mail saying there is an update, never click the link in that e-mail. If, for instance, they say they are Micro$oft, go to "Micro$oft.com" and search for the update manually. If it is a legitimate update it won't be too hard to find.


As to anti-virus programs, I haven't a clue which one to use. I don't use them. Never have. Probably never will.

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Definition as follows:

A destructive program that masquerades as a benign application. Unlike viruses, Trojan horses do not replicate themselves but they can be just as destructive. One of the most insidious types of Trojan horse is a program that claims to rid your computer of viruses but instead introduces viruses onto your computer.


A Trojan Horse is full of as much trickery as the mythological Trojan Horse it was named after. The Trojan Horse, at first glance will appear to be useful software but will actually do damage once installed or run on your computer. Those on the receiving end of a Trojan Horse are usually tricked into opening them because they appear to be receiving legitimate software or files from a legitimate source. When a Trojan is activated on your computer, the results can vary. Some Trojans are designed to be more annoying than malicious (like changing your desktop, adding silly active desktop icons) or they can cause serious damage by deleting files and destroying information on your system. Trojans are also known to create a backdoor on your computer that gives malicious users access to your system, possibly allowing confidential or personal information to be compromised. Unlike viruses and worms, Trojans do not reproduce by infecting other files nor do they self-replicate.



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Why are there viruses and trojans?


Mainly because the people who write them are stupid F***ERS!


Some of them are over enthusiastic teenagers and college students who want to show the world how (supposedly) smart they are. Others are geeky, social misfits who see it as a way of getting back at the ones they believe are rejecting them. But you can't forget the criminal element who think that crashing other peoples' computers is a form of terrorism by proxy.


Don't forget that a lot of viruses (many but not all) steal personal information from your computer and transmit it back to the "mother ship" so that the criminal masterminds behind the plan can steal your identity and your money.


But, mainly, they are just stupid F***ERS.

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