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Men’s XXL Fox Fur coat by Ben Kahn Furs


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Not sure if anyone browses the online consignment/designer thrift store “The Real Real” like I do, but they have an entire fur section in both the men’s and women’s outerwear departments. I haven’t always been blown away by their men’s section, but every now and then I think something interesting sneaks in there, this time I think I caught it!


An original Ben Kahn Fox fur coat in brown for $1195. https://www.therealreal.com/products/men/clothing/outerwear/ben-kahn-fox-fur-coat

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That dose not look like fox to me. jmo


I'm absolutely not an expert on this sort of thing, I thought it was fisher fur before I clicked on the coat and saw they listed it as fox. That being said, The Real Real website has a team of authenticators working to make sure they know what they're selling. This isn't eBay where you have somebody selling a raccoon coat they inherited for $5000 and claiming its silver fox because they don't know any better.


When I looked more closely it seemed to me like it could be blue fox that has been dyed brown because the fur is just so dense and the size of the pelts are similar other fox fur coats. I didn't know who Ben Kahn was when I first saw this, but upon further research I learned he was a pretty established furrier in NYC, the MET museum has coats of his in their collection and there's even a write up on him in the New York Times from when he passed back in the late 70s. Considering that plaid lining and that Ben Kahn furs hasn't been active for a while, I'm assuming this coat is a little older. Perhaps the fox used in it just looks slightly different from brand new fox furs today?


Regardless of whether its fox fur or not, I just thought it was a cool looking vintage coat worth sharing.

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