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The utterly stunning LEGEND model JULIA STEGNER

Guest touchofsable

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The ravishingly beautiful JULIA STEGNER:


And you know where you can see her ....in the smoking lounge of ye olde denne pub....in black mink, degrade fox, smoking in leopardskin, and in orange coloured mink too. Heres a taster. Hold your breath and make sure your sitting down and you havent got a hot drink in your hands:


www.herfamedgoodlooks.com/hfgl/Julia%20 ... FW04-1.htm

www.herfamedgoodlooks.com/hfgl/Julia%20 ... bwmt05.htm


and remember this lovely ysl white fox sleeve coat from another model:

www.herfamedgoodlooks.com/hfgl/Julia%20 ... fw2004.htm


And now I am off to light her cigarettes in the smoking lounge.....


By the way I havent even looked on www.style.com for any of the last few models if someone wants to do it...its a fanatstic archive for fur collections over the past few years....you can search bt designer or by model.

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