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Hey I'm Kyle. I will be working with 2 great members here Wallee, and Worker11811 bringing you all great links and refreshing you memories with links you may have forgotten about.


My first "Spotlight" link is: http://www.furfashionguide.com


Once there, you can veiw great pictures of fur, fur models, and join a top class forum, that rates close to this one here at The Den! I've been there shorter than I have been here, and am glad to have both sites for fur appreciation and conversation.


My "Links Feature" is http://www.mrmockle.com!


This site has been around for what seems like ever! It is still one of the best Fur Sites I have ever visited. Mr. Mockle is a great guy, and has done so many wonderful, and beautiful Fur shoots. From Lana, to Theresa, to Katrina, to Tracey... He has worked with the most gorgeous women to model in furs.


Thank you, and I hope you enjoy th ride we are about to take you on...



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Folks, this is the first of a great many similar posts here to come. FurKyle, Wallee, and Worker are going to be showing us some of the links in our links section in the future. We have so many great links there that everyone has forgotten. (How many times have you seen a "new" link posted and realized it is already in our links page?) So, these three folk are going to be showing us some of the best of those links in the future. They are taking a lot of their time to do this work so I hope that you will say thanks for it now and then.


They will also be working to make sure new links get posted on our links page and old links get deleted, and in time may well even be doing the posting there themselves.


We hope that you enjoy this new feature on the Den.



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