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Best city for fur shopping ?


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The last time I visited Aspen they had about six or seven fur salons in a two block radius around the miner street shopping outlet mall. Albeit this was nearly a decade ago so things may have changed. Anchorage Alaska has nearly as many furriers and if you plan your trip for late Feb you would be there in time for the Fur Rondy and Iditarod. I'm sure New York would be bountiful in terms of the amount of places to go fur shopping or just window shopping in general.

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How about Moscow? I have never seen so many furs on the streets anywhere else, provided the temperature is below -5C. Which it should be in February in Moscow.


Or Kiev or Kharkov in the Ukraine. Judging by the number of furriers on Instagram based over there, they would be great places to visit. Assuming all the Instagram profiles are genuine. And that they have physical stores you can visit.

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