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Thrift shops rule


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Ive have a good experience lately with going into three local favorite thrift shops locally where i live..

Ive lucked up on finding some faux fur hats for super cheap that fit my large head ..the employes that i know are super nice to me and know that I do love furs.. Some furs are nice and some are ok.. Just depends on the quality and if the furs have been taken care of...

I would recomend surfing your local thrift shops..

Never know what furs and accesories you might find.....

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They are certainly getting more business like about it and less inclined to cave to pressure from the small minority here in the UK.

A lot depends on the manager and some stores keep them in the back room - it's worth asking.....


Mistress Adalia

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On the flip side, where we live there are 2 or 3 high-end consignment shops that will take "surplus" furs... not that any of mine will ever be surplus! These enterprises are also good places to go look for furs. However, my experience is that most of the furs I've seen in shops like these are women's S, M, L and were too small for me. Worth a shot though.

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I went to a estate sales business today locally and tried on a Beautiful full lenght 1x coyote fur coat with with white fox trim.. gorgeous coat if you ask me..for I fell in love with..

I couldn’t afford what the business was asking for it...

I will have to save up for a full lenght fur...

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