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It's only right..................


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not at all...a very worthy thing. Thanks for that del boy.


HOWEVER I MUST warn everybody that the CO OP bank are PRO animal rights in policy....you cannot have a bank account with them for example if involved with hunting or fur.


So take the AMEX oprion.



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One thing about donating to an organization is the "Unintended Consequences".


Every year, our Human Resources department goes to great lengths to get employees to sign up for the United Way campaign. Every year I decline. Every year they all look at me like a leper.


But, what they all DON'T know is some of the places that money goes. A fair bit of it goes to causes I don't agree with. With the United Way, you can't specify which charity you want to give money to. They just divvy it up.


Instead, I donate to the local Community Foundation. With them, you CAN specify which charities you want to fund.

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Every time I give anything to Oxfam it goes off with a strongly worded letter about their boycott on fur in their shops.....and how for example they could have helped the situation in Pakistan by selling black lamb from the region in their shops. NEVER had a reply. BUT that doesnt mean that they dont support some worthy causes.

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in fairness touchofsable Oxfam are in a lose - lose position. They have to appeal to the majority of people out there and if people would boycott their stores becuase they support fur then they cannot be seen to do so.


Just a thought...............


Meanwhile get a .......










or even some cons????????? (hmm - not sure about these ones.....)




Edit by White. Sorry folks, no pictures allowed in posts at this point here. Links only. Thus we made these into links.

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Well its up to the individual.


anyone who is supposed to stand for people in so called third world poverty situations who is against them using animals is PARTLY responsible for their current plight; especailly with IVORY, sealskin and furs.


AND they encourage collaboration with the disgusting exploitative situation of FAIR TRADE which actually translates as child labour being used to pick plantation crops which displace animals like leopards and elephants and put them in FAR greater danger than 100 000 years of being hunted.


So on an individual level to me? screw oxfam.Screw fair trade coffee. I will stick with the WWF programmes which help people and animals by getting them back hunting.


AND ABSOLUTELY screw western consumer products.

And go go go your kids being highly paid as camel jockeys and keeping the whole extended family!!!! beats the hell out of frying fish heads and sniffing glue as by product on lake Victoria at seven. Where the hell are oxfam and Unesco there!!!!?????

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