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A truly surprising thing happened to me the other day.


Looking through Instagram, I came across a picture from an account I follow, primarily of one particular 'Furs Outlet' model.

The comments contained the customary 'Fur is Murder' comment.

But the surprise came in the form of another person, whom I later found out to also be on the side of animal rights, corrected the incorrect use of the word 'Murder'. What followed was a back and forth between two people on the same side, one person arguing in the defence of the English Language, and the writer of the original comment, arrogantly stating that because they felt 'Murder' fitted their mood best, that the Oxford English Dictionary was wrong! Apparently followed by links to the customary shock-tactic propaganda.


After seeing the thread, I messaged the person defending the English language, and even after realising our opposing standpoints, we actually had a polite conversation where he told me that he was embarrassed on behalf of that community by the people who undermine their arguments by language that loses them all credibility.

Apparently arguments like that are not uncommon, and he was sick of a seeming lack of intelligence in that community. I told him that we were all very friendly and welcoming, and willing to hold intelligent discussions on the subject. That seemed to surprise him, I joked that we are not mindless savages.


Just thought it would be interesting to mention it here.

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well, if you try to find more about these activists who post such comments, usually they have got very special political thinking however they really do not care about the welfare but about the steps to rule and somehow to stop freedom of speech. On every argument they very often react by hate.

Their first step is to ban furs and many people unfortunately support it without deeper knowledge.

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