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I haven't been to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in 20 years but I remember it being a very cold December. I had a kidney transplant at one of their pediatric hospitals in august of that year and we had to go back up in December for an extended visit due to a minor rejection issue. So after I was discharged from the hospital I stayed in a hotel across the street and I remember that it was so cold that we had to spend most of our mornings walking underground from the parking garage to the hospital just because it was so cold each and every day. There were snowstorms during the entire length of our stay, deep packs of wet and heavy snow. Bitterly cold temperatures that sometimes got into -15F to -20F and windchills so cold that weather forecasters would routinely warn the public to not be outdoors for an extended period of time because exertion and heavy breathing would eventually lead to ice crystals forming inside your lungs and throat which could lead to suffocation. Now I know that in the 20 years since I've been there, Global Warming has become a major factor in how cold winters can get, but if it is still anything like I remember it being then wearing a fur is a must. But I still wouldn't take any risks. The weather up there is downright dangerous.

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