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Wore my fur coat for the first


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It finally hit temps in NYC to wear fur more often.


Yesterday I chose a whiskey mink with a chevron pattern at the bottom, "borrowed" from my mothers closet a few years ago, and somehow found it's way to a furrier and made into a men's version. Whatever, it looks better on me anyway.


But today, (gray charcoal wool, black sable collar) it is snowing, big wet snow.


Ugh. I can't wait for plain cold days.

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Love that!

i organised a Fur Gala last Monday in England. It was AMAZING! A smaller uptake than I first expected, but

what a wonderful, fascinating bunch!


I will post details in The Fur Den under the heading FUR Gala


If I have helped one more person have the confidence to wear their much loved choice of clothing in public, then I am happy I have done a good job....



Mistress Adalia

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