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Yes, Lord. That is a war bonnet. He put up that Avatar when there was a "lively" discussion a few months ago.


Isn't it time for a "Peace" attire, Touch?



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War Bonnetts were a Plains Indian thing pimarily.


TheEast Coast and West Coast Indians had other forms of adornments. The Aleutes didnt use feathers very much at all excepth the Northwest Indians in a Ceremonial way.



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No Linda; not just yet.

Not because I am on the warpath though!


Because there are two issues which we should always remind ourselves of, and a third that is less important but topical:


1. The Rio Declaration on the Environment proclaims that indigenous peoples have the right to manage their environment using "traditional methods and practices". That means HUNTING and FUR trade. Therefore a major environmental summit has identified indigenous hunting, fur farming etc as a SIGNIFICANT force for ecological conservation, and every major nation in the world has signed up to that.


2. That reminds us thqat wherever possible we have a commitment to buy native if we can...whetehr that is GENUINE Inuit mulkuks, Dene fur clouds ORIGINAL knitted minks; YAKUT fox furs from the Russian Federation, or

Canadian wild minks and beaver.....which are often Cree etc. trapped.


3. At present furs have been "reinvented" with an ethnic feel. There is an

"edge" to this which is metaphorical of a warrior attitude. Many designers in collections over the last two or three years have bought furs from native peoples, and asked native designers to Paris shows, working closely with them. The resultant collaboration has meant much needed business for native peoples, and an unprecedented native authenticity in the furs. Take for example the images of Erin Wasson in this thread. The native look is avnt garde fashion at the moment. Fringes on sheared frus, trooper hats, porcupine quill and buffalo boned ornament, mukluks and hanging tails.....THESE are the new furs. There are MANY native sellers of amazing fur accoessories on ebay by the way. Try tapping "native american fox fur"

or "coyote fur native American" etc in your ebay search smetime to see the most breathakingly awesome garments which you would be paying ten times the price for with couture houses. Also search mukluks, fox trim gloves etc. but put navajo or Inuit or native american with it.

Couture has gone native......and I like it, and thing its metaphorical and also helpful to native communities(when they arent being ripped off by chinese faux fur and plastic equivalents)



So my warbonnet stays if thats okay!

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I know what a war bonnet is. I'm just wondering why he would choose such a wierd pic as his avatar. I know the coat is nice, but not just any accesory can go with fur.

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The warbonnet here is Navajo. The Navajo record on conservation is excellent and they manage their own wildlife areas. They still are a hunting culture and there are a number of navajo sellers occassionally on ebay. They sell fox tails and coyote masks, hats and chokers etc.


Not much on at the moment in the way of fur...I just looked. But did come up with:


ebay items 6832835744 which is a gorgeous blue fox bag with fringing.


Rhen there is 7767509796 which is an absolutely stunning fox quiver ....awesome.


and 7768953498 a cradleboard.


and 7719464017 which are ...they say...native mukluks (timberland?)


always use search tirles and descriptions, and to get past the dolls and dreamcatchers, then tap on womens accessories etc. But check regulatly...these arent mass produced.

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the thing is the warbonnets DO go...and its easy to see why.


People stand and stare mouth open when they see a model in furs and warbonnet. they ALWAYS say...I dont know why that works and looks beautiful...but it really does.


Its because its all natural and moves . The fur blows in the wind and the feathers and horsehair with it. I can tell you...as well as being sexy it is also quite spiritual.


At the fashion show I recently staged with Blackfox we had background music from a well known native singer and the models came out with warbonnets and furs, with fringed native american belts etc. It was spectacular. It just goes together like bread and butter.


The warbonnets are blackfoxes and it was interesting that we both shared a similar perspective on this....that for some reason they belong together.

they make a powerful spititual combination and the whole thing is a positive energy. Its weird.


Interesting that many designers are seeing the same thing in natural and native products, a kind of backlash against the negarive and soul dead synthetics age.


Maybe it only works for us lot...I dont know. Certainly we are still a hunting culture, the rural celtic and British foxhunting fraternity. There has always been a maintenance of natural fibres, furs and quality leather among us. Nobody in the hunting fishing and shooting and racing fraternity ever wears synthetics. Because of out colonial past and the debts we owe to native people whether Gurkha or aboriginal or Inidan subcontinent , we have ALWAYS felt a need to express this with some native ornament...jewellery or nepal bed hat or picnic blanket or Indian silk cravat or fox fur hat. So you have this incongruous to some mix of

influences in traditional british dress(but also all our cultural manifeststions) in a bricolage which works.


SO scottish produced country tweed with canadian fox fur hat and Afghan coat, or canadian seal sporran on a scottish kilt and a gurkha(they always have stuff to trade too when off duty) nepalese leather belt, or Patagonian leather boots and a welsh sheepskin gillet, or a rabbit fur trilby tweed suit and egyptian crocodile shoes and canadian mouton mittens, or a green Irish tweed paid coat with rabbits foot hanging off your Australian bush hat...etc etc just all seem to gel. Yes people who are from the city look on in disbelief when they see the crowds at cheltenham and see that suddenly rural eccentricity is legion....but there you are. Suddenly its they who are the strange ones, with their burtons grey polyester suits and black plastic shoes and nylon socks and thin shirts, shivering in the bars.


And it gets passed on and developed from generation to generation....the other day I was at the Polo. There you can buy stuff from the Argentinians...blankets, leather items etc and they always do a brisk trade....swapping sometimes. So you get Argentinian polo groom in a plaid shooting jacket, and the young girl next to him bedecked with Argentinian belts and chokers from native sources, and patagonian gilet.


The polo world is avant garde when it comes to fashion too and last week I saw two amazing young girls. One was wearing a trooper hat in coyote fur, and a tight pair of suede pants, with snakeskin boots and fringes. there were fringes on her THREE belts that swung at her slim hips down her leg, and they were Argentine. Then she had a hairpipe real American Indian choker(from ebay a native seller)and a MOTORHEAD t shirt. The girl with her had a FIFTIES inspired dress in black with white polka dots, with petticoats and again had a big sioux choker in black and white and finished off with a gaucho beret...it was a strange but lovely combination, finished off with black Argentine cowboy boots adorned with black mink tails she had added herself. May sound strange...but every boys mouth was agape when they walked past. The one girl told me she has six fur coats for this winter and is wondering how to adorn them to make them fashionable!!!

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the thing is the warbonnets DO go...and its easy to see why.


No it's not. You're assuming people share your opinion. If fur is a fetish item, things that don't turn poeple on aren't a proper accessory.

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I agree from a fetish point of view.

BUT though most of us here are fetishistic for fur, not all are. The site is a "FUR APPRECIATION " site, which means that you just have to appreciate them to be here, and one can talk about fashion in that context, aswell as politics and culture of fur. The majority of designers and wearers and models and trappers and native peoples and fur farmers and retailers are NOT fetishistic about fur, bur still have a great appreciation fot it for a variety of reasons. YOU are assuming everybody has the same opinion, not me.


I am making an observation that a warbonnet looks OBJECTIVELY aesthetically good with fur. I can qualify that further if you like but its not a subjective view. AND for your information the warbonnet IS adorned with fur too.

Its all a very aesthetic and natural and pleasing to the eye bricolage.

And I think its spiritual too.....thats why native people revere fur so much....so it works on a variety of levels and that isnt just my opinion.

The fact that DOZENS of couture houses have put native assessory with fur means it works, and also gives a powerful eco message to the antis(which is intended, as is their close work recintly with native designers).


If you dont like it thats no problem, but you asked me why and I am just explaining.


Its the whole hunting warrior spirit connection with fur that works; because about 20% of fur produced in the world comes to us from such cultures.


I have no objection to fur fetishism but this site can be so much more.

Imagine if we had designers, models, native trappers, and just people who love to wear fur here........am I wrong? All the models I have used love fur and get a kick out of wearing it, but they wouldnt call themselves fetishists. I would say the vast majority of males like a woman in fur...doesnt make them fetishists.


I like high heels but I dont take them to bed with me...again no problem with people that do.


I like fur because its natural, beautiful, moves pleasingly, and can give a woman power. Touch of it is nice, sensual, I even like to make love in it but I dont get a sexual kick from wearing it....though have no problem with those that do.


I love Lindas new coat....but put it on an ugly woman or alone and I wouldnt be interested in it(sexually that is...I can appreciate it as a beautiful garment).

It gives her power. So does a warbonnet. So do stilletoes(as Tryxie said its up on the hocks like a cat in season). Its all to do with us as animals and is entirely natural.

Its about the language and spirit of nature.

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