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Fur Fans in England


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Hello, Fellow Fur Lovers!


I am excited to be here after following up on a recommendation for a new Fur Friend.

I plan to put together a room full of like minded people in a luxurious Cotswold setting on Monday the 19th of November for an elegant drinks and canapes evening focused on wearing fur all evening.


As I am really new here I don't want to step on anyone's toes - I have read the Rules and will abide by them, but if any, more experienced members have any tips or guidance as to how to move this forward, I will be grateful to receive your advice.


I am extremely fortunate to live in an area where wearing fur is easy and fun, and have NEVER had a problem.

However, I have met some lovely people who are not so lucky, or who do not feel confident to wear their treasures out in public, so have arranged a safe and opulent place for us to do this


Tickets are invitation only and overnight bed and breakfast is available at the venue at a special rate.


I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the concept.....

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Mistress Adala,


Welcome and good luck with your gathering. From past experience of those trying to host such gatherings, I fear you may not get many attendees but if you do I hope it all goes well. Just be certain to manage people's expectations beforehand.




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Thank you so much for your message.

The event is this coming Monday the 19th.

I will post some pictures and let you know how it went


Mistress Adalia

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